5 Best States for Employment In 2010

While relocation may not be a likely solution to finding jobs for all, some prospective job seekers in select industries may have far better opportunities finding work in different areas of the country. Acknowledging States around the country that cater specifically to particular industries as far as employment can give an advantage in your job hunt amidst the unfavorable job climate.

The following 5 States will be the best options for seeking employment for the first quarter as the economy continues to pickup through the year.

Virginia (+9,500)

In 2008 Virginia was rated the best State in the nation for business by Forbes Magazine for the third year in a row. As 2009 came to a close, several industries within this state have showed their strength by remaining somewhat viable. With a high concentration of Fortune 500 companies, construction, leisure & hospitality, education, and government industries make Virginia lead the way into 2010 for employment opportunities. View Virginia jobs.

Oklahoma (+5,000)

Coming in at second going into 2010 was Oklahoma. The best industries to land a job in this State were within mining & lodging, information, government, and education. Naturally a producer of energy including natural gas and oil, careers within the mining industry energy has remained a strong point assisting this state’s economy. View Oklahoma jobs.

Oregon (+2,900)

Manufacturing, trade, transportation, & utilities, information, and professional & businesses services led all industries for employment as prospects look up for this state heading into 2010. View Oregon jobs.

New Hampshire (+2,000)

Ranked as fourth, New Hampshire job industries that lead are professional & business services, education & health services, and government. Opportunities for prospective job seekers in these categories will be favorable heading into the first quarter of 2010 if these trends continue. View New Hampshire jobs.

Washington (+2,000)

Trade, transportation & utilities, professional & businesses services, education & health services, and government job categories will provide the most favorable employment conditions for this State. View Washington jobs.

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