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Black Friday in OrlandoThe day after Thanksgiving is notorious for Black Friday. The day that presents are bought and the Holiday Season officially begins. If you are in the position of looking for a new job to get you and your family by this Friday morning, you may have better chances than you think.

Your competition is out shopping. For the people that are behind their desk this morning, the stress levels are lower and the chain of command is shorter with many secretaries and middlemen taking the day off.

Use this to your advantage and make follow up calls, ask questions about employment and even see if you can stop in for an early afternoon interview. Where HR directors may field 40-50 calls and check over 100 emails, Black Friday is a day that their inbox stays small and the phone is unusually silent.

If you can't window shop today, go ahead and job shop. You may just be surprised with the results. Your competition is running around all day shopping, you are focused and poised. In the competitive job market, use every advantage you can get!

Have a great holiday weekend from the Orlando Employment Guide! Be safe and happy (job) hunting Orlando!!

-Greg Rollett
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The Employment Guide, http://www.employmentguide.com/ and http://www.wiserworker.com/ hosted the Greensboro Job Fair on Tuesday, November 25th at the Embassy Suites in Greensboro. Twenty-five companies were recruiting and over 1,200 job seekers attended; many of them walked away with a new job or an interview.

We had the chance to talk with recruiters from Harris Teeter and Carolina Driving Institute about what they were looking for at the job fair and any tips they might have for job seekers. We know you will find this information valuable.

Watch Tips from the Greensboro Job Fair. now:

Watch More tips from the Greensboro Job Fair. now:

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Finding employment can be a daunting task for veterans returning to the civilian workforce, but The Employment Guide’s Veterans Transition Guide is helping to ease the change. As soldiers and sailors return from deployments around the world, they routinely face problems integrating back into civilian jobs and lives.

The Employment Guide recently launched The Veterans Transition Guide. The guide features articles and tips for people who have been living the Military life and want to find a job or career. The guide also features Companies in the Baltimore surrounding area that are looking to hire you today.

The Baltimore Employment Guide will be launching their first edition of The Veterans Guide in January of 2009. If you are an employer looking to hire veterans please be sure and contact the employment guide.

For more information please contact Howard Kershner @ 410-543-1870.
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Hewlett Packard is feeling the hurt as well at its Vancouver campus, with its profits slipping 2% to $2.1 billion in its fourth quarter fiscal. With Hewlett Packard's personal printing campus in downtown Vancouver, they have seen a decline in printer orders which could be bad news. With Imaging and Printing Group's revenue falling 1% to $7.5 billion and Printer unit shipments down 8%, this could mean job cuts at the Vancouver campus.

The temporary help industry is also feeling the hurt when they lost around 1,600 jobs in October and accounted for more than half of the 2,800 jobs lost in the professional and business sector. A sector that rarely has that much downturn in one months time. Temp jobs are usually the first to go in these instances due to companies tightening their budgets in critical times.

Even if gas prices are falling the amount of people expected to travel this Thanksgiving will be at a small decline for the first time since 2002. There is an expected decline of people traveling more than 50 miles from there home, roughly about 1.4% or 600,000 travelers less than last year at Thanksgiving. The slight decrease in people traveling this year could be due to the tough economy which is being felt by everyone.

So Portland tell us what you think about the current economic situation with Hewlett Packard and the temporary job market. Also, Portland if you are going anywhere for Turkey Day let us know in the comments below.

So for those of us at Employment Guide, Healthcareerweb, and Wiser Worker, we wish you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
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Ever wondered what a job fair was like? On Tuesday, November 25 you can watch The Employment Guide's Greensboro Job Fair live on the web.

We will be streaming our job fair from 10am until 2pm using the ustream.tv service. Simply click here to link to the stream.

There are 25 companies signed up to attend and we expect this to be one of our largest events of the year. So if you can't make it, be sure to watch all of the action.
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The Orlando Employment Guide recently released its Veterans Transition Guide along with the other offices around the state. The guide features articles and tips on how to make a smooth transition from military life to finding a job and career that is rewarding and suiting to your needs. The guide also features leading Orlando companies and schools that are looking to hire you today and get you the skills you need to land a dream job.

Below is a map of the locations that you can find the guide. Grab one today and get ready to make the transition of a lifetime! If you are a veteran or an employer looking to hire veterans, join the veterans transition group on the Central Florida Community Guide.

View Larger Map

-Greg Rollett
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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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EG Weekly Publication November 24-November 30
EG Weekly Publication November 24-December 1
Check out this week's great career opportunities:
North American Trade Schools
Tesst College of Technology
All-State Career
Prime, Inc.
Maryland Department of Public Safety
Wackenhut Corporation
Ruxton Health & Rehabilitation Center
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The North Carolina Employment Security Commission released its monthly report on employment in the state this morining. We thought we would share a small portion of their information.

RALEIGH — Employment in North Carolina increased by 5,076 workers in October while nationwide the number of employed decreased by 297,000. It was the second consecutive monthly employment increase for the state and third in the last four months. The state’s unemployment rate was 7 percent, according to statistics released today by the N.C. Employment Security Commission.

“Unemployment was relatively unchanged in October,” said ESC Chairman Harry E. Payne Jr. “There was a slight increase in unemployment, but we are encouraged by the increase in employment for the third time in four months. Both global and national trends continue to impact the state’s economy and employment picture. The job market throughout the state remains a very competitive one and we see that in our offices every day.”

With the increase, seasonally adjusted employment is at 4,264,519. Unemployment increased by 912 workers, to 318,997. The number of unemployed workers in North Carolina remains at an all-time high. Since this time last year, unemployment has increased by 106,843 people. The labor force, over the year, has increased by 52,873 people. Employment is down by 53,970 workers since October 2007. The state rate in October 2007 was 4.7 percent.

To view the complete report click here.
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Employment Guide | Helping Orlando Job SeekersPresident Bush (he is still the President for the next few weeks) is ready to pass a bill that will extend unemployment insurance by an additional 13 weeks. The U.S. Government has previously extended benefits 7 times in the last 50 years - 1958, 1961, 1972, 1975, 1982, 1991 and 2002.

As someone who works with people to find them jobs, I am unsure if this is the motivation that we need to get job seekers into the proactive mind frame. While for some industries, jobs are increasingly harder and harder to find, other industries have many hidden gems. Staffing company Randstad says that 80% of jobs are still unadvertised. It is up to the people to find them via proactive networking and building a personal brand that attracts positive attention.

JobSpotters speak out, if this bill is passed, will it help our economy or just prolong a tough time for job seekers?
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1.Proofread. This should be a no-brainer, but almost all resumes
had typos and formatting inconsistencies. Make sure your resume is perfect, and hire a professional if you’re not confident in your proofreading skills.
2.Remove “Fluff.” One of my pet peeves is the use of flowery resume language. If you’re a results-proven, detail-oriented leader with excellent verbal and written communication skills, I’m talking to you. This type of language makes hiring managers’ eyes glaze over and doesn’t do much to “sell” your credentials. Instead of saying that you have these skills, prove it with examples of past successes throughout the resume.
3. Add a Headline. A Headline calls out your objective as well as one or two of your top qualifications, and is a modern twist on a traditional “Objective” section.
4. Add a Summary. If you don’t have a Qualifications Summary, write one — immediately! The summary can present the top reasons why employers should contact you — your value proposition. If you lead your resume with a compelling summary, employers will be more likely to read the rest of your resume.
5. Include Important Skills. You can create a separate “Key Skills” section or incorporate your skills in the Summary section. Either way, an easy-to-skim, bulleted list of your job-related skills will appeal to hiring managers.
6. Add Accomplishments. And while you’re at it, quantify them (if possible) so employers can understand the impact of your work.
7. Avoid Using Personal Pronouns. Employers know that your resume is about you, so write in an “implied” first-person voice.
8. Focus on the Last Ten Years or So. If your work history is extensive, keep in mind that most resume reviewers are concerned about your recent employment. You can keep the early positions, but cut down on the amount of space used and consider summing it up in an “Early Career” section.
9. Ditch the “References Available” Line. Employers expect you to have references if you’re in a job search, and this line is just wasting space at the end of the resume.

Information provided by: Nine Ways to improve a resume.
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Oregon's unemployment rate jumped up to 7.3% in October due to the lack of consumer spending. That is 0.9% more than the national average which is 6.5%. Consumers are closing their wallets instead of spending which has led to a loss of 14,100 jobs since September. That is the worst seasonally adjusted monthly decline since February of 1981.

According to this article in the Portland Tribune, there are about 134,096 Oregonians without work and nearly every sector of the states economy has shed jobs last month. Some of these losses were more unexpected than others. With the downturn in employment causing such a scare for the future, it has increased number of first time claims for unemployment insurance. According to John Young, a Portland-area unemployment insurance claim manager,
Unemployment insurance is up 27 percent from a year ago and about 60,000 Oregonians are receiving unemployment benefits, with nearly 1,200 exhausting their 26-week benefits every week.
With that said here are some FAQs about extended benefits (EB) and Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) from Oregon.gov.

The Employment Guide strives to do its part everyday, as does Wiser Worker and Healthcareerweb. Times are hard these days, so Portland, tell us how you plan on tackling this crisis in the comments section below.
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Find a Job in Orlandophoto by madebytess

Unemployment in Orlando is at its highest since January 2002, when the country was still in shock from the September 11th attacks. According to the Florida Estimating Conference, unemployment levels may not get back to the 5% level until sometime in 2010. For job seekers needing that next paycheck, 2010 is a long way away.

Taking a proactive plan to your job search is now more important than ever. You need to stand out from the pack and show employers that you are worth their investment over the 70,000+ job seekers in Orlando alone.

5 Steps To a More Efficient and Proactive Job Search
  1. Get personal. Address resumes and cover letters to specific people and companies. Have a generic cover letter and non relevant resume will not get your resume to the fast stack any longer. Even with all the credentials, the personal candidate will get the edge every time. Take the extra 5-10 minutes and find the person you are trying to contact, find their extension and drop them a line, follow up your resume email with a call or see if they will be at a job fair.
  2. Network, network, network. You know the great thing about Social Networks? People leave their information on there for you to find! Perform searches on LinkedIn and Facebook for companies that you want to work for and start asking questions, get involved, answer their questions and build relationships. It is powerful stuff.
  3. Go old school. The Internet is powerful. It is the most expansive information system ever created. Sometimes you need to just get on the town and do it in person. Map out some companies that you have interest in, see when their down times in the day are and knock on their doors. Take the initiative and beat the job seekers who are sending 100's of generic resumes to computers. Make a personal connection.
  4. Become known. Join associations, clubs and nonprofits in your field. Help them with their goals and become an industry leader for something that interests you. Self-promotion is okay when you are performing an amazing job, referrals are the best form of flattery. Starting a blog on your career choice is not a bad idea either.
  5. Work it like a full time job. You only get out what you put in. Looking for a much needed job an hour a day will only produce those same results. If you want to get their dream position or job here in Orlando, you need to be working on your job search like a 9-5. Get on the phones, do your research, tweak your resume, blog, look for opporrtunities, network, attend events and job fairs and be involved with the process every minute. If you are serious enough, there is a position for you!
In the current economic landscape, proactive job seekers will be in a greater position to climb their career to new heights when things turn around. Get proactive and find a job today!

Join the Central Florida Community that is helping you find great associations, groups, clubs and nonprofits and telling tales of Central Florida in the process.

-Greg Rollett
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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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EG Weekly Publication November 17-November 23
EG Weekly Publication November 17-November 23
Check out this week's great career opportunities:
North American Trade Schools
Signature Flight Support
All-State Career
First Transit
Value City Furniture
Stella Maris
American Beauty Academy
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Saturday, November 15th, Rock For Hunger is taking center stage in Downtown Orlando. With over 25 bands, an arts and crafts fair and block party - everyone of all ages, backgrounds and musical tastes will have something to Rock about.

With the increase in the unemployment rate all over the country, more and more people are becoming awfully close to losing their home, or may have lost it already. With an influx of young veterans returning to a new world after years of deployment, some have nowhere to turn. Rock For Hunger is a local Orlando organization that is doing something about this problem by providing programs and initiatives to help people end the cycle of poverty and hit the problem at its root.

Much like last year's festival, the Employment Guide is a proud sponsor of the festival and assists the organization with papers, job seeker survival guides, assistance with resume classes and holding seminars to get these individuals back on track.

Tickets for the concert are $10 in advance and $20 at the door. Chris Goyzueta, the executive director, has told us that for every dollar donated they are able to feed 4 people. Putting my math skills to the test that would mean a $10 ticket will feed 40 people at their Monday night feedings. Get your tickets here NOW!
Here is a breakdown of the artists including chart topping sensation Kardinal Offishall:
Kardinal Offishall
Laura Reed & Deep Pocket
Afterglow Radio
Social Ghost
Junkie Rush
Mirror Pal
G-Ro & the Skateboard Sneakers
Kap Kallous
Kaleigh Baker
Peter Baldwin
Union Made
Chris Burns
Badda Skat
Angel Griner
Alex Baugh & the Crazy Carls
Black Ship Sky
Johnny Plastic & the Rubber Band
Emily Sessoms

I hope to see you at the show and if you do get the chance to drop by, come on over to the offical Rock For Hunger booth and grab a copy of the Employment Guide or our new Veterans Transition Guide!

For more information on Rock For Hunger, please visit their new online community.

-Greg Rollett
Learn about other local organizations and events at the Central Florida Community Guide
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It’s mid November and with the national economic news enough to scare even the sanest of us into a catatonic state what is a job seeker to do? Regardless of your current employment status; safely employed, under employed, barely employed or unemployed be grateful if you live in the Pittsburgh region, still considered one of the better job markets in the country.

With that said we are unquestioningly seeing a softening in demand in a number of job categories while a few are surprisingly maintaining and even increasing demand. Most positions in healthcare and education are the top in demand. Weakest job categories in Pittsburgh include retail and automotive (not surprisingly), although mechanics and body shop technicians are still in high demand. What is a bit surprising is the current strength of hospitality, banking, customer service and maintenance technicians. Construction (mostly commercial/industrial) worker demand also remains strong factoring in seasonality.

What next month or next year will bring is literally anybodies guess. We have read projections as optimistic as a rebound as early as next fall and as pessimistic as late 2010 (again, national figures). We here tend to be optimists. The new administration will at the very least offer new hope to the majority of the country. With new hope comes improved optimism. With improved optimism (and lower gas prices!) dollars will begin flowing again from consumers, even if it starts as just a trickle.

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Frustrated with your job search? Sometimes looking for a job doesn't always go as planned. For whatever reason, you might not get tons of callbacks on your applications (or even one). So now what? The Examiner, rightfully named to this article, posted self-examination tips for job searching. Elizabeth Freedman suggests taking an honest look at your job search and really figure out what's not working. Take a look at her reasons your job search might not be working:

1. Time

More often than not, job seekers will diagnose ‘time’ as the problem to their job search situation.Quite simply, these folks simply haven’t put in enough of their time on a regular basis to make any real progress.

Also see: I'm unemployed, now what?

2. Interviews

If you’re like a lot of job seekers, you might discover that you are putting in the time, but you simply aren’t getting selected for a lot of interviews. We all run into this issue on occasion, but if you haven’t landed a job interview since Bill Clinton was in office, this could be your temperature talking.
Also see 5 Tips for Preparing for an Interview, How Not To Interview, and Being Overqualified

3. Offers

As many of us have experienced, it is one thing to get the job interview, but it’s entirely another to land an offer. This is the trickiest job search diagnosis, because for each of us reading this article, there’s probably a different reason why we may have not received a job offer after interviewing for a position.

Also see: Are you Happy with Your Job?

Read the full article for tips on how to remedy these problems: What to do when your job search isn't working.
- Rosie Reilman, Photo by Zach Klein

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As stocks rise and fall in these tough economic times, one such stock that hits close to home has got to be Intel. Though its headquarters may be in Santa Clara, California, one of the companies main facilities is located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Intel is the largest employer in the state of Oregon with over 16,000 employees. Here is an article about the situation that Intel faces in today's Oregonian. According to the article, Intel's 4th quarter revenue has been speculated to be 4% behind the 3rd quarter revenue meaning that the selling of laptops and desktops may not be as great. However, there is no mention of how it might effect jobs going forward.

Starbucks is going through the same hard times that Intel is with steep drop in profits during the 4th quarter. The Seattle based company has an optimistic outlook for 2009, but many believe they are still at the mercy of the macroeconomy. Take a look at the article in today's Oregonian that expands on the problem that Starbucks faces going forward. Consumers are concerned about the impending recession that it has hurt our economy not just in coffee but across the board. However, 72% of the people polled say they believe that Obama can turn around our stalling economy.

On a brighter note, oil has dropped for the 17th week and the national average for gasoline is $2.22. With gas prices falling, it has helped many people save a little extra money especially during the holidays. We are the largest consumer of energy in the world and major factor in oil prices. U.S. car sales fell to a 25 year low in October and unemployment rate was at a 14 year high at 6.5%. Governor Ted Kulongoski has purpose a 2 cents per gallon tax increase and higher vehicle fees to help the economy. This plan would basically create more construction jobs and improve transportation in matters such as maintenance and preservation.

So Portland tell us what you think about our situation here locally or nationally in the comment section below.
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The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce is hosting an Online Privacy Event. Learn how to best protect yourself online and what you need to know to conduct business online. Admission is free but registration is required. This might be helpful for those who are wary of applying to jobs online and even those who accept applications online. The event is November 20, 2008 from 8:30am - 10:30am.

Click here for event details and registration information.

Or contact the Chamber with your questions.

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Caution: Is this job a scam?
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Here at The Employment Guide we want to recognize the Veterans who have served in our military. We truly appreciate your work and time in service to our country.

Events today in your city to honor Veterans:

Leave event details in other cities in the comments! A lot of the parades already happened over the weekend but there still are some ceremonies that you can attend to honor the people you know who have served or are serving in the military.

It's fitting that tomorrow is our deadline for the next issue of our Veteran's Transition Guide. It's not much but it's our way of giving back to those who are coming to the end of their military duty and transitioning back into civilian life. Be on the look out for that in the next week or so.

Photo by unkld and by Army.mil

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HealthCare Job Fair!
When: Tuesday November 13th, 2008
Where: Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012
Time: 10am-3pm
Driving Directions to the job fair.
The following healthcare companies are seeking their next qualified candidate:
Annapolitan Assisted Living
Attentive Care
Bayside Physical Therapy
Bello Machre
Chesapeake Treatment Center
Dimensions Healthcare System
Dynasplint Systems, Inc.
Genesis Healthcare
Harbor Hospital
Mary Kay
Mary T. Maryland
PB Health
Shore Health System
St. Agnes Hospital
St. Joseph Medical Center
U.S. Army Health Care

There will be many opportunities in the healthcare industry available.
The healthcare job fair is sponsored by The Employment Guide and Anne Arundel Community College. Just remember to dress for success and bring plenty of resumes.
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I've written on this blog about how personal branding is very important in your job search. How sometimes your presence online can help make or break your chances for a job. Well we've created a couple of new places to utilize and build that brand so that you can connect with recruiters and show off your professional expertise.


This is a fairly new launched Ning site that allows you to post your resume, discuss and chat with other job seekers around the world. You'll also be able to browse hiring event information and member profiles to connect with friends and individuals in your industry.
LinkedIn Group: North Carolina Job Seekers
If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can join our job seeker group for North Carolinians. Recruiters and job seekers are encouraged to join and connect with one another. We'll post hiring event information and other important employment information specific to North Carolina areas.
These are just two of the many sites available to you to help with your job search. Not only can these sites help you connect with recruiters and get your name out there but they can also help you take control of your online brand and find support amongst other job seekers.
So let's connect, North Carolina!
- Rosie Reilman

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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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EG Weekly Publication November 10-November 16
EG Weekly Publication November 10-November 16

Check out this weeks great career opportunities:
North American Trade Schools
All-State Career
Prime Inc.
Signature Flight Support
Forman Inc.
Value City Furniture
First Transit
Ruxton Health & Rehabilitation Center
Professional Healthcare Resources
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Network for Social Change and Volunteerism in Orlando
A few weeks ago we started a section in our paper called the Central Florida Community Guide. In it we feature a local nonprofit group that is helping to make a difference in our community. We also have a weekly events calendar and a short excerpt from this here ol' blog.

(All of the articles are archived here and include the American Lung Association, Epic Change, H.O.M.E. and more)

Well, we wanted to take that to the next step. We want to start seeing you and what you do for the community. There are so many organizations, volunteers, students, associations and everyday citizens who do so much for us that we wanted to highlight them and give them a place to SHOUT OUT about their programs, their events, gather more volunteers and help spread even more goodwill.

Social change has been a big topic for the younger generation. This group has really come together to stand up for the issues that matter to them. From homelessness, to the environment, to helping women and families to education and beyond, cool people are caring and making a difference.

Giving you the voice and the opportunity to get people involved and excited is an opportunity that we are excited to offer.

The Central Florida Community Guide site is a Social Network build with Ning, a free tool to connect people online. Anyone is free to create a profile, create and join a group, write blog posts, post videos and photos and connect with others that share similiar interests and that may be able to help your organization.

Join today and stand up for Orlando and the Central Florida Community. Join groups like Rock For Hunger, Strut-N-Rut and the Business Womens' Inspiration Network who have taken the steps to show you about their organizations in the hope that you will create change!

See you at the Community Guide!

-Greg Rollett
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This week in the calendar section of the Employment Guide paper I mentioned an event that I had never heard of before but thought it would draw some excitement into our readers and job seekers. The event was the Orlando Puppet Festival.

Today when I popped into work I had an email saying that the crew had a Twitter account and they were following me! Very exciting indeed. I wanted to point out a few things from the festival that may be fun for the readers of the Orlando JobSpot as they make their weekend plans.

The 4th annual Orlando Puppet Festival kicks off tomorrow night, November 7th at Avaolon Island off Magnolia in Downtown Orlando. It starts at 6pm and you can only imagine what a bunch of puppets are doing to celebrate their festival!

The event rolls through the weekend at Mad Cow Theatre, the Gallery at Avalon Island, the Orange County Regional History Center, CityArts Factory and The Breakfast Club. Check out the schedule here.

You can find tickets here for most of the events. If anyone ventures out, please share some photos, videos and stories, we'd love to see it and share it.

Even with unemployment at a high in the Central Florida community, there is always a time for laughter and a chance to beat the stress with family and friends. And honestly, who can say no to puppets!

-Greg Rollett
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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide.

The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - November 3-9, 2008
The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - November 3-9, 2008

Don't forget to visit Atlanta.EmploymentGuide.com for more job listings and to learn more about the employers you see in this week's edition.

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The Charlotte Business Journal recoginzed about 65 companies this week as the area's best places to work, some of the top awarded places included:

  • Benefit Controls of the Carolinas Inc.
  • The Q Works Group
  • Integra Staffing & Search
  • Welcome Committee Inc.
  • Keller Williams Realty SouthPark
  • McNaughton-McKay Electric Co.
  • Edifice Inc.
  • Little
  • Alston & Bird
  • Red Ventures
  • Premier Inc.

Lists like these are great tools in researching companies you'd like to work for. It also helps in being prepared for an interview with these companies or the competition. Mentioning something like this will impress the recruiter, show that you know your stuff about the company and have thought about how you fit into the company.

- Rosie Reilman

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Central Florida chapter of the American Lung AssociationLast week, JobSpot TV made the trek over to Downtown Orlando and to the offices of the American Lung Association. Patrick O'Brien chatted with Area Executive Director, Eric Gray on the subjects of youth smoking, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the Climb Orlando Event on November 8th and so much more. Check out the episode below:

To get involved with the Central Florida chapter of the American Lung Association, check out their website LungFla.org.

Their next event is this Satrurday, November 8th at the Bank of America Center in Downtown Orlando. Visit climbingforlungcancer.com for more information.

To see more ways to get involved with the Orlando and Central Florida Community Guide, join the online network made by the community, for the community.

-Greg Rollett
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WCNC reports on where to find available jobs.

A slumping economy and you need a job. Experts say in a job market, there are
fields that will be hiring. You just have to be searching in the right way.

Watch the video here.
04. November 2008 | Show Originial

In addition to an unprofessional appearance, here are six factors that can help you remain in the unemployment line:
1. Being unprepared for the interview. Prepare, plan, and practice! In today's tough job market, you MUST do everything you can to give yourself an edge... preparation is the key.
2.Not being able to communicate clearly and effectively. This is important during the interview and on the job. Being nervous can really mess up your communication skills, so being well prepared and practicing what you're going to say are always your best bet.
3.Being aggressive, arrogant, or acting in a superior way. No one wants to hire or work with people who think they're better than everyone else. Be careful with your attitude, even if you think you're surrounded by incompetent fools. Being confident is good. Being an arrogant jerk is bad.
4.Making excuses for failings. Your teacher never bought "The dog ate my homework!" and your boss isn't going to buy "The finance department gave me the wrong figures!" In the grown-up world, you have to take responsibility for what you are responsible for! You'll never earn respect by blaming others when things go wrong.
5.Saying unfavorable things about previous employers. Even if you left a job because the boss was an egomaniac who took credit for all of your hard work, verbally abused you in front of others, and poisoned the plant on your desk, don't say anything bad about him/her during an interview. When asked "Why did you leave your last job?" say something like "My manager and I both agreed that my advancement opportunities were limited there and obtaining another position was the best option for me and my career goals."
6.Having a poor/limp handshake. Why do people think you'll be a lousy employee if you have a lousy handshake? That's not really logical, is it? Doesn't matter. It just turns people off and gives them a bad impression of you. So make your handshake firm and confident but not bone-crushing. (It's not a competition to see who winces first!)
If you DON'T want to be unemployed, don't let any of those traits apply to you!
Information Provided by: Interview Strategies
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It appears that more and more retirees are trying to re-enter the job market with this economic downturn that we are experiencing. However, it is easier today that it used to be for those who are in or near retirement. The Oregonian and Business week have compiled a list of mature worker job boards. It just so happens that Wiser Worker is listed there as apart of the ever expanding list of job boards. Here is the description:
-- WiserWorker.com enables baby boomers and older workers to search for job listings by keyword or location and provides career articles and resources plus listings of local job fairs across the country.
With longer lifespans and the desire to remain productive in today's society the older workforce definitely need to make ends meet when social security is not enough. If this trend of mature workers entering the workforce continues they will account for 6.1% of the labor force by 2016. That will be almost twice what they accounted for in 2006, which was 3.6%. To read more interesting facts about the older workforce check out this article in the Oregonian.

Tell us what you think Portland. How is the job hunt for those re-entering the labor force? Let us know in the comments below.
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Looking for a job and need tips on attending a job fair? Watch the Charlotte Job Fair live!

We'll stream the Job Fair live as it happens over the Internet on Tuesday, November 4th from 9 am until 1 pm. Watch as job seekers talk with companies that are actually hiring in the Charlotte area; plus, if you tune in early you may even get a few tips from several of the recruiters.

To watch the job fair live click here!

If you plan to attend in person, click here for updated information about the event.

03. November 2008 | Show Originial
Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

03. November 2008 | Show Originial
EG Weekly Publication November 3-November 9
EG Weekly Publication November 3-November 9
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