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Brian O’Neill of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette has written what we consider to be the ultimate definition of the relationship between southwestern Pennsylvania its team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

How this relationship transcends geography, social and even our work lives is described in a way that any non-citizen of Steelers Nation may finally understand.

To quote a small portion:

“The real Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh of the mind, extends beyond our city's freakishly small 56 square miles and into the suburbs of neighboring counties. You could even say, as E.J. Montini suggests, that Pittsburgh extends into all those Steelers bars dotting the country, the legacy of the great Diaspora caused by the implosion of the steel industry in the 1970s and '80s”.

“There is almost no social situation where a Steelers jersey is frowned upon. Work. Church. School. Prom. The local desire to wear the names of other people on their black-and-gold backs can confuse newcomers. One reader called me earlier this month to say she'd just moved to Pittsburgh last summer and was working in a day care center where "every baby in the zero-to-3 group" wore Steelers paraphernalia on Fridays”.

Read Brian O’Neill’s full article here.

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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s have many plans to jump start the economy. The plans listed below are in process, but will take sometime. Obama states, “The challenges the Americans are facing will be met.”

Provide $50 billion to Jumpstart the Economy and Prevent 1 Million Americans from Losing Their Jobs: This relief would include a $25 billion State Growth Fund to prevent state and local cuts in health, education, housing, and heating assistance or counterproductive increases in property taxes, tolls or fees.

Create New Job Training Programs for Clean Technologies:
The Obama-Biden plan will increase funding for federal workforce training programs and direct these programs to incorporate green technologies training, such as advanced manufacturing and weatherization training, to help Americans find and retain stable, high-paying jobs.

Boost the Renewable Energy Sector and Create New Jobs:
The Obama-Biden plan will create new federal policies, and expand existing ones, that have been proven to create new American jobs.

Raise the Minimum Wage:
Barack Obama and Joe Biden will raise the minimum wage, index it to inflation and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit to make sure that full-time workers earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families and pay for basic needs.
Ensure Freedom to Unionize:
Obama and Biden believe that workers should have the freedom to choose whether to join a union without harassment or intimidation from their employers.

If you want to know more information about the plans that are in action please visit Obama and Biden's plan.
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As the recession begins to deepen in the Pittsburgh region we are seeing an inability of local employers to make decisions about their recruitment plans. We continue to speak with hundreds of Pittsburgh area recruiters each week and are hearing from many of them that they have open positions they need to fill but either are not allowed, at least for the sort term, to spend money in the effort, or are fearful of filling a position only to be told within weeks or months that they have to lay the new employee off.

Pittsburgh recruiters are currently just holding their breath. Many of our postings have communicated how we in Pittsburgh are fairing better than most areas around the country. The next month or two should really set the tone of how hard we are ultimately hit for all of 2009.

Most of the layoff announcements that have been publically made over the past month or two that affect Pittsburgh workers have been primarily companies with a national presence (Target, Ericsson, Home Depot, Circuit City) or large financial institutions (PNC Bank, BNY Mellon).

Healthcare and education continue to be the strength of our current job market condition. By keeping, and even continuing to increase, overall jobs in these areas of strength, other area support industries (retail, hospitality and other service industries) have been able to maintain more strength (jobs) than they would otherwise. This is different than in 2001-2002 when we lost 10,000 jobs from US Air.

The most optimistic forecasts predict the recession will continue to deepen until at least June. We will continue to report on strengths and weaknesses for our local job market as we see them.

To try and leave with at least one piece of good news, Single Source Roofing will be adding 50 jobs soon as they move into their new corporate headquarters in the Southpoint Business Park (see announcement from the Pittsburgh Business Times) and Yellow cab will be expanding as they add new service to the south hills area (see Pittsburgh Post gazette article).

The Perfect Job Search
by: Kevin Donlin, Guest Blogger
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Your next job is out there waiting for you.


In somebody’s skull.

More specifically, your next job exists -- right now -- in the mind of your next boss.

That job may be murky and formless, a nagging problem that will eventually require a new employee to solve, for example.

Or it may be defined and open right now, perhaps advertised in the newspaper.

In either case, the job you seek must first exist in the mind of a hiring manager before it can be filled by a person.

So, the more hiring managers’ heads you can get into, the more jobs you can be considered for.

Here’s the story of one very smart job seeker who did just that. He met more hiring managers and got hired for a great job -- one that was created just for him …


1) Start with clarity

When J.L. Zoeckler, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin found himself in the job market in January 2009, his first step was to decide exactly what he wanted to do next.

“I knew I was looking for a director of communications or a public relations position where I could use my skills in public speaking, writing, and sales,” said Zoeckler.

A trivial point? Hardly.

Most job seekers I encounter have only the faintest idea of what they want to do.


2) Choose your targets

Zoeckler then spent a Sunday researching potential employers and made a list of 24 companies he wanted to work for.

“I hunted online for people who could actually hire me, like a VP of marketing or corporate communications, along with their mailing addresses and phone numbers,” he said.

Zoeckler was smart to create a “job shopping list” and target people with the authority to hire him.


3) Send a sales letter

Not a cover letter. A sales letter, one that “sells” employers on the following points:

  • you know who they are,
  • you understand their problems, and
  • you can help, with promises backed by specific results.

“I worked from my list of skills, then figured out what my work meant in terms of saving money or creating money. And I was amazed when I thought about, for example, the time I took that extra responsibility and revenues went up almost $400,000,” said Zoeckler.

Now. You might think you can’t come up with specific numbers or dollars. And you would be wrong.

In any job you’ve held for more than 90 days, you either made more money or saved more money than you were paid in salary. The dollars are there, if only you’ll look long and hard enough.

Also, you may think you can’t write a sales letter. Wrong again.

Today, go through your “junk mail” and save the sales letters that appeal to you. Do the same tomorrow and the next day. In three days, you’ll have a “swipe file” of examples you can borrow from to write your own sales letter to employers.

Whatever letter you do come up with will be light years ahead of the typical cover letter, which reads like an IRS tax form.


4) Call to follow up

This is essential. It’s not enough to mail letters -- you have to talk to people.

If you’ve put the time into choosing employers, targeting hiring managers, and writing a relevant sales letter, people should be willing to take your call, if only out of curiosity.

That’s what Zoeckler found after mailing his 24 letters on a Monday.

“I called on Thursday, talked to six people, and four of those were immediately ready to set up a time for an interview,” he said.


5) Meet and get hired

When Zoeckler met with his first potential employer, it was more of a business discussion than a job interview. That’s because Zoeckler had positioned himself as the solution to a problem, rather than as a job seeker.

“The employer and I got together for lunch. He said he had more business than he’s ever had, and unless he brought in someone like me immediately, he had no idea how he was going to juggle it,” said Zoeckler.

Think you can’t get employers this excited about you? Dogwash.

In good times and in bad, all businesses have problems. They need to make more money or capitalize on the money they are making. In either case, they need help.

Your job is to research ideal employers, find out what help they need, offer to provide it, and prove you can deliver. That’s what Zoeckler did.

How did all of this turn out?

“I was hired full time at the company I first interviewed with, which I most wanted to work for. The whole thing took only 2.5 weeks.”

Despite the tough economic times, you can take heart from this success story, which may be the closest thing I’ve ever seen to the perfect job search.

More important than taking heart, though, is for you to take action on these ideas.



Kevin Donlin is Creator of TheSimpleJobSearch.com. Since 1996, he has provided job-search help to more than 20,000 people. Author of 3 books, Kevin has been interviewed by The New York Times, Fox News, CBS Radio and others. His free report, The Simple Job Search Manifesto, is found at www.TheSimpleJobSearch.com.

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As you can remember from last month, consumer confidence was pretty low causing a lot of people and businesses to worry. Well the numbers in January have not gotten any better and have even darken the moods of many Americans towards the economy. The Conference Board said that the consumer index is at 37.7 for January, which is down from the revised 38.6 that it posted in December and even lower than the 39 that economist expected. In recent months the index has hit new lows and is lower than half of what it posted in January 2007, which was 87.3. Consumers are starting the new year with the same kind of pessimism that they had at the end of 2008. Economist are watching consumer spending very closely since consumer spending amounts for two thirds of economic activity.

Back in November, there was on article about Hewlett Packard being in some trouble, well now they are in the midst of eliminating 150 to 200 jobs at the Vancouver, Washington plant. This is due to HP shutting down its local Edgeline printer team and other engineering groups. The 174 acre campus has been for sale and they have had no luck in finding a buyer, which calls into question HP's long term plans for Vancouver. HP has been one of the areas top employers as far as jobs and salaries are concern. Many of the workers earn close $100,000 a year, but the company is may now be down to only 650 employees after this round of layoffs, which at the compnaies height had close to 3,300 in the 1990's.

With all the troubles that the nation is having with unemployment, Oregon has definitely been feeling the pain as well. In December, every county in the state of Oregon experienced an increase in unemployemnt unlike from a year ago. One third of the 36 counties in Oregon had at least a double digit unemployment rate, but nearly all of those were outside of the Willamette Valley. Counties that are especially dependant on wood products were hit the hardest. Grant County had the states highest unemployment rate at 15.9% which is up 10% from a year before. Crook County, where wood-products is the single largest employer, the jobless rate double fro, 7.3% to 14%.

Crook County which had the highest unemployment rate in November at 12.4%, but it was not always like that. Just two years ago, the area was booming with jobs in construction, services and wood products. It has since relinquished its crown from November, but now has the second highest unemployment rate at 14% and things are not looking bright. Compare that to Multnomah County which has 7.8% and Oregon's state unemployment is at 8.8%. Crook County is sadly in a world of hurt.

So Portland, with all of this uneasiness that is going around, you should take a chance with the Employmentguide. I know times are hard and its seems like there is nothing but doom and gloom. We are currentley in the process of trying to employ 10,000 people this year, so you should come out to our job fair on February 25th. Hope to see you guys there!
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EG Weekly Publication January 26th-February 1st
EG Weekly Publication January 26th-February 1st

Check out this week's Career Opportunities:
Corporate Express
North American Trade Schools
All-State Careers
Genesis Healthcare
McCormick & Company
Pendum, Inc.
Chimes, Inc.
Country Inn & Suites
Admiral Security
Signature Flight Support
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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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Super Bowl of Job Fairs in Tampa Bay, FLThis Sunday the mecca of American sports come into Tampa showing no mercy. Despite the souring economy, Tampa Bay & Company, the area tourism bureau, has reported that they still expect 100,000 fans to travel to the area for the festivities. This is good news for area hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs that will experience a spike in sales and may start to spread some dollars across the area.

Forecasters still expect $150 million is directly related spending for Tampa, much needed funds for an economy that is expected to lose 40,000+ jobs this year.

For job seekers the Super Bowl may not have a direct impact. The sales spike is not long term and jobs for security and extra staff may only be seasonal. So how do job seekers get ahead with all the attention in the world being on the hometown?

The same as it always has. Be prepared for opportunities. Have your resume prepped and updated. Stay on top of new jobs being posted by utilizing RSS Feeds on job boards or picking up news publications the day they are released (typically Monday mornings).

Attend events like the Tampa Employment Guide job fair on February 25th at Lowery Park Zoo and begin networking with peers. Now is a great time to volunteer and make connections with people that can help you out.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and the spotlight it brings on Tampa this week and then be prepared to fight yourself, for the job and career that will help you win your own personal super bowl. I promise the rewards are more enduring than the $3 million commercials.

-Greg Rollett
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(This is a tad late in getting up online, my apologies to the students and the school, but better late than never!)

Statler Center | Hospitality in Orlando
The Statler Center, in conjunction with Lighthouse Central Florida (a past Community Guide feature) graduated their first class here in Orlando on November 20th. The 15 students all have vision disabilities and very optimistic career opportunities in the Central Florida Hospitality industry. Their program had them working with hoteliers across the area and in the classroom to prepare them for the day-to-day of working in one of the country’s busiest hospitality sectors. Congrats to the first of many successful graduating classes of Statler here in Orlando.

Here is a video interview with the Employment Guide and Mary Ellen Mest, a project manager for the National Statler Center.

For more information on the Statler Center and the hospitality courses offered please visit www.olmstedcenter.org

For more information on Lighthouse Central Florida please visit www.lighthousecentralflorida.org/
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Photo by altemark

What is the best way to communicate your value to a potential employer? Through the use of career success stories. A career success story simply recounts a specific example of how you solved a problem for or added value to a past employer. The career success story has three basic parts:

  • Challenge – Describe the situation you faced.
  • Action – What steps did you take to solve the problem or get results?
  • Result – What was the end situation? (Use quantifiable figures when appropriate)

Career success stories are particularly useful during an interview because many employers rely on the use of behavioral interview questions. Behavioral interviewing is based on the premise that your past performance and behavior is a good indication of how you will perform and behave in the future. It offers a glimpse of how you've added value to past employers and makes it easier for hiring managers to envision how you can benefit their organization.

Employers don't want to hear about what a professional, customer service-oriented team player you are. They want you to prove that you were a valuable asset to your last employer. Relating a compelling career success story is an effective way to do this.

Think back to past situations in which you've demonstrated the qualities or skills that a potential employer is seeking. Prepare five to seven career success stories and practice relating them to a friend or family member. You'll be better prepared to communicate your value to a potential employer during your next interview.

Roxanne Ravenel is a Job Search Coach & Consultant; author of The Savvy Jobseeker's Guide & Workbook; and host of The Savvy Jobseeker Podcast. Visit SavvyJobseeker.com to learn more.

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Today, marks history as Barack Obama is sworn as 44th president of the United States.
There were 2 million people were expected to crowd into the area between the Capitol, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.

Obama stated there are many challenges that we face. One of many being the loss of jobs and the American people being laid off.

Obama went on to say “But the challenges will be met.”

President Barack Obama wants to focus on re-shaping the economy. Obama outlines a plan to create jobs and help the nation’s economy by modernizing schools and lessening the dependence on foreign oil.

Obama wants to create 2.5 million jobs by 2011. He will also focus on rebuilding the nation’s roads, bridges, remodeling older schools, developing alternative energy sources, and producing more efficient cars.

He said, “Legislation backing his plan would be one of his first priorities after he takes office on January 20th.”

There are some employers cutting hours back and many others laid off employees. Obama is working on a stimulus plan to give companies more tax cuts and funds to hire more employees.

To read more on Obama’s economic plan please visit http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1812964,00.html.
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There is a speed networking event tonight at 7PM in Atlanta for those of you who are looking to connect with professionals in the area.

We are bringing Speed Networkers from across the Atlanta area together for a high-speed, no-nonsense networking experience! You will have a series of one-on-one conversations with 10 to 15 people in just over 90 minutes... and all you have to do is pick up the phone!

More information and RSVP here.

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This week's edition:

The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - January 19-25, 2009
The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - January 19-25, 2009
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As many of you watch the Presidential Inauguration today and wonder how the next four years of your life are going to be like. Sure this country is down right now, but hopefully with change comes a new beginning on our current situation. I am sure that a lot people could use a fresh start.

An article came out last week dealing with the current economic situation and its effects on people starting a family. With the current economic crisis many people feel that this not the right time to start a family or have another child. According to the American Psychological Association, the economy is the leading source of worry for most people, with 80% saying that they feel stress about their personal finances. Birth Rates do tend to drop in times of economic crisis. There was a dramatic decline in the fertility rates following the great depression. That was the first time in US history that women's average child bearing went from three children per household to two. Studies also show in the previous recessions that the birth rate dipped slightly as well. How much the birth rate will dip this time depends on how long and how severe this recession will be.

If you are apart of Generation Y like me and having a hard time finding a job, you are not alone. The unemployment rate for younger workers in their 20's is well above the average which is just the opposite for those towards the end of their careers. For workers that are under the age of 29 the unemployment rate jumped up to more than 11% in December compared to only 9% last year. That is far worse than the national average of 7.2% which is also up 4.9% from a year ago. If that seems bad, it is far worse for those in their teens were the unemployment rate is nearly 20%. Older workers seem to have the leg up on the younger generation and that typically happens in almost any downturn, but this one has been harder because many were blindsided.

So Portland, with our new President being sworn into office today, do you think things will change for the better? Or is anybody planning on starting a family or having a hard time finding a job? Here at www.Employmentguide.com we are striving to help those in need during a time of crisis.
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EG Weekly Publication January 19th-January 25th
EG Weekly Publication January 19th-January 25th
Check out this week's great career opportunities:
American Beauty Academy
First Transit
North American Trade Schools
All-State career
Stella Maris
Ivy Hall
Corporate Express
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You heard me right. Are you up on the latest job fashion? And I don't mean interview or work attire... Meaning do you know what your job's trend is? There's another useful tool on SimplyHired.com that will help you in your job search called Employment Trends. This search tool helps you find the number of jobs throughout the nation in your particular field. For example, we did a trend on nursing jobs. When we entered different nursing positions into the search engine this graph came up:

RN, LPN, CNA, PN, LVN, Nursing trends
Now the results search listings from May 2007 to today. Here's what this graph shows:

RN jobs increased 17%
LPN jobs increased 55%
CNA jobs increased 50%
PN jobs decreased 21%
LVN jobs increased 57%
Nursing jobs increased 125%

As you can see, not all job markets are decreasing. In fact, nursing is booming. Especially the LPN and CNA positions. Check out our Guide to Careers: Nursing Jobs post for more information on what the differences between RNs, LPNs and CNAs are.

This is good information for both job seekers and recruiters to know what kind of availability is out there in your field, to stay in the know on your industry and to just see what the market looks like.

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- Rosie Reilman
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Maybe we'll all get snowed in and you'll get some extra time to make some phone calls and fine tune your resume. Or maybe just some time to telecommute and watch the Inaugurational ceremony tomorrow morning.
Raleigh, NC -- Snow began falling Monday across the Great Smoky Mountains as a frosty system swung toward the Carolinas, threatening the region with several inches of snow that are sure to stick as temperatures linger below freezing.

The fast-moving and intensifying disturbance was diving from Canada to the Carolinas, moving so fast forecasters were having trouble predicting which areas would face the most intense snowfall. It was moving over Minnesota by midday Monday but expected to hit the Carolinas at night.
Read full article on DigTriad.com

Be careful on the roads, everyone, if we do end up getting some snow.
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The two largest markets in Texas -- Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth -- registered the nation’s biggest gains in private-sector employment, according to employment figures released Tuesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Houston area added 42,400 private-sector jobs between November 2007 and November 2008, and Dallas-Fort Worth picked up 35,100. No other U.S. market gained more than 15,600 private-sector jobs during the 12-month period.

Other cities in our area in the top 100 of job gains:

1. Houston, up 42,400 jobs
2. Dallas-Fort Worth, up 35,100 jobs
4. San Antonio, up 11,700 jobs
8. New Orleans, up 7,200 jobs
16. Baton Rouge, La., up 2,800 jobs

Read full article here at San Antonio Business Journal
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This blog is usually about the employment situation in regards to the Altanta area. But when you're out looking for a job it's really important for you to be connected to your community. Knowing where you live and the people who are in it will go a long way. Networking both online and off are vital to your job search. So here are some new links and ways for you to get involved in the area.

Community and Area Blogs - Reading and commenting on blogs will help get your name out there. Here are just a few of probably hundreds that you can start with.

  • Atlanta Insider Blogs
  • Atlanta InTown
  • Best of the Big A

Business News - Staying in the know about who is who, what companies are doing well will give you insight and means for researching companies you're looking at applying to.

  • Atlanta Business Journal
  • AJC Business Section
Social Networking Sites - Joining a few groups online can potentially help you find people who make hiring decisions - or at least get you an in to local companies. See if your school has an alumni network, or find a few professional networking groups for you to join. You may have to search a little, but here's some ideas to get you started.

  • LinkedIn Atlanta Groups
  • HiredIn
  • Ning Networks in Atlanta
  • HealthCareerWeb Georgia Profiles

Business Networking - These are a little more scattered but once you start looking are not very hard to find. The easiest place to start is by becoming a member or at least attending Chamber of Commerce networking events. You can also try professional associations. For example, if you are in marketing you could join or attend an Atlanta AMA event or two. This will connect you to industry professionals who can help you with your job search, either by getting advice from their experience in the industry or they may even know what companies are hiring.

Knowing the City - Generally knowing your city will help out as well. This applies knowing what major companies are players in your area, where they're located so if you do get an interview you're not getting lost all over town, etc. Be active in your community, volunteer and do things. Atlanta's Visitor Bureau can help out with that a lot with events going on. You never know who you might run into or meet.

- Rosie Reilman, Photo by james.rintamaki (top) and jon gos (bottom)

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Over the past two weeks both Forbes magazine and the Monster Employment Index showed Pittsburgh to be one of the best job markets in the country. As good as that sounds it does not mean the job market in Pittsburgh is currently great. It is just better than most other areas of the U.S. The Monster Employment Index names Pittsburgh a top 5 market while the Forbes article includes Pittsburgh as one of the 10 Best job markets as of December.

The Monster index at the same time showed a dramatic decline for Pittsburgh during December and based on what we are seeing currently this trend will continue into January. Without question the best job categories continue to be Healthcare and Education. We are also seeing some strength in Protective Services and Drivers.

By far, here in Pittsburgh as with most of the country, the weakest demand is in Retail and Sales. We continue to monitor closely the local environment and will report changes as we se them.

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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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Did you know that Texas has a state dinosaur? Yeah, apparently just like we have a state bird or flower ( Mockingbird and Bluebonnet) there are such things as a state dinosaur. (In fact it's surprising that there is such thing as a state fabric or official state vegetable.) Not all states have a dinosaur but after some recent research Texas has filed to change the name of their dino:

State Rep. Charles Geren of Fort Worth filed a resolution to change the state dinosaur from Pleurocoelus to Paluxysaurus jonesi to correctly name the massive sauropod whose tracks and bones litter the Jones Ranch, which is in central Texas near Glen Rose. Geren filed his resolution on behalf of constituents at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

"I think it's going to be good for Texas paleontology and dinosaur research in eneral," said Aaron Pan, the museum's curator of science. "This dinosaur is unique to Texas, and it is the most abundant dinosaur fossil found in the Glen Rose area."

Read the full article from LiveScience.com.

Louisiana, you don't have a dinosaur but you still have your state bird: Eastern Brown Pelican and Magnolia for your official state flower. Just something to file under interesting and/or random information.
Happy Friday!
- Rosie Reilman, Photo by The Jamoker

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The job market is changing. Well, we didn't have to tell you that. But recently the Fort Mill Times reported just how things are changing, particularly restaurants. They asked local restaurant managers about the situation in Fort Mill:

The food industry, typically an area where part-time work is available, has been closing its doors to new workers in recent months.

... Although many food service workers are high school or college age, there has been a recent shift in the types of people applying for part-time work, according to Patel. Many of the applications Subway has received come from people with full-time jobs looking for extra work on the side. Some come from people who have been laid off from corporate offices, Patel said.

This just means that those of you seeking out hourly jobs need to be on your game too.

"What the employers are looking for is the right attitude," Stone said. "Is this person going to be a good fit, or an irritant? If the people at the counter don't care if you're there, they're not going to keep their jobs."

This news isn't so that you will panic but realize that there is some competition out there, even for part-time employment. The story even tells accounts of some places getting up to 4,000 resumes from walk-ins in one day. It just requires a little more effort on the job seeker's part and fine-tuning of your job search strategies.

Read the full article from Fort Mills Times.

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- Rosie Reilman, Photo by Bob Jagendorf

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Cover letters. I think that these can be the most confusing and misunderstood part of the job search. It was one of the hardest things for me to do when I was looking for a job.

What's the point?
The point is, a cover letter's purpose is to get a recruiter to call you back. And as J.T. Tanner O'Donnell says, it's probably not going to happen if you start out your letter with, "I saw your ad and wanted to apply..."

Answer their questions.
Employers are looking for how you can fit into the job. So do exactly that: highlight your experience and reference that - comparing it to the job description and how you fullfill the requirements and duties that are outlined for you.

Some other tips that J.T. and Dale suggest in Cover Letter Do's answering these questions:

What are you successes?

What makes you good at what you do?

How has your work inspired you?

What value do you provide?

How would you describe yourself honestly and humbly?

These questions will help make your cover letter more appealing and interesting. You can find other tips on a previous post: Cover Letter to "Wow" Hiring Personnel.

- Rosie Reilman, Photo by Dano , Hat tip Career Coach Examiner

The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - January 12-18, 2009
The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - January 12-18, 2009
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WOW, The Baltimore Ravens are definitely on fire. The Ravens had received yet another victory, 13-10 over the Tennessee Titans during the second round of the playoffs. How about Joe Flacco being the first rookie quarterback in NFL to win two playoff games.

This town definitely has been painted purple for the last two weeks. There are people wearing Raven’s Jerseys, sweaters and other Ravens apparel everyday. I have also saw cars decked out with Ravens flags, decals and license plates. Baltimore is roaring with excitement.

The Ravens were greeted at BWI at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night by 1,000 fans. There were hundreds of them waiting to greet them at the Owings Mills Training Facility. The Baltimore Ravens fans were honking their horns and chanting GO RAVENS GO!

The Ravens did get their rematch against the Titans and they deserved a win. This team has been going strong for 18 weeks without a bye. Despite all the injuries and not a lot of rest, the Ravens got their job done. Now the Ravens face the Steelers in the AFC Championship.

The players believe this is a rematch against the Steelers. During, the Monday night game on September 29th, 2008, the Steelers won in over time by 3 points. In addition, the Steelers defeated the Ravens at home by 4 points on December 14th, 2008.The Steelers are a rival to the Ravens. The upcoming game is going to be yet another physical and tough game. The Steelers defense is #1 in the league and Ravens are #2. This is going to be a great game to watch.

A special Congratulation goes out to John Harbaugh, the coaches and the players!

Don’t forget to continue your job search www.employmentguide.com during commercials and half time.

What are your plans for the game? Will the Ravens be in Super Bowl 2009?

Let us know your thoughts, and GO RAVENS GO!!!!!
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"Successful job seekers know that even in tough economic times, there are opportunities. You just have to dig a bit deeper."

If you are getting ready for a job search during troubled times, here are some tips from the experts.

1. Take a closer look at industry data
Research industries and job sectors that are experiencing worker shortages or still experiencing job growth. These are the areas where you may want to focus your search.

CareerBuilder.com produces a quarterly job forecast that indicates hiring manager trends for the next few months, both regionally and across major sectors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases updated figures every month on occupational job growth. For example, by looking at the BLS data, you will learn that health care, education, government, food services and drinking places, and IT categories have all gained jobs this year.

2. Freshen up your skills
"Don't give an employer a reason to pass you over because you don't know the basics," states Diane Morgan, director of career services at London Business School. Morgan says everyone should know basic office skills like Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. "Since these are skills you can teach yourself from the Internet or a library book, there are no excuses for not having them."

Another alternative is CBInstitute.com, which offers easy-to-use online courses at all levels, including business etiquette, project management, foreign languages, and typing. You can take courses at times that are convenient for you, so no matter how little time you have to invest, you can make it work. At the same time, the courses are affordable.

Morgan also suggests brushing up your sales skills (persuasion, negotiating and influencing) even if you aren't in the sales industry. You need to sell your best product, which is you, so make sure your personal pitch is relevant, timely and effective, she asserts.

3. Try part-time or freelance work.
"Rather than one 'job,' think in terms of multiple positions. Breaking in [to a new job] may be easier if you aim for part-time work within a company," advises Katy Piotrowski, career counselor and author of "The Career Coward's Guides." "Line up multiple part-time positions and you'll benefit from more job security; if one position evaporates, you have the others to fall back on." Moreover, it will pad your résumé and your wallet.

Rachel Weingarten, author of "Career and Corporate Cool," recommends job sharing or taking over for someone on maternity leave or during the holiday crunch. "A lot of people don't want to commit full-time skills to a part-time or temporary gig. In this economy though, it can allow you to not only try on a job for size, but to also improve your skills, impress a potential long-term employer and network like crazy with people in your chosen industry," she says. "Instead of nervously waiting for the right full-time career, you can potentially make something better happen in the short term."

4. Rev up your social networking
Gone are the days of peddling your résumé at anonymous networking events with watered-down drinks and goofy nametags. Now you can have countless opportunities with a few keystrokes and a couple of mouse clicks. Sure you've received those requests to join LinkedIn and BrightFuse, and you certainly use Facebook daily. (Scrabble anyone?) But now is the time to really take advantage of the network you've probably casually built over the years.

Networking is easier than in years past because of the easy access to your network and those of your friends and colleagues, Matuson declares. "Now you can go onto [social networking] sites and see who in your network knows someone at a company that you might be interested in working for. You can then ask them to make an introduction on your behalf."

5. Think in terms of results
"In today's recessionary environment, the single most important thing that a job seeker can do to advance his or her career is to demonstrate how they can build value for a company," says Wendy Enelow, author, trainer and career consultant.

"As we all know, past behavior is indicative of future behavior, so if you've been successful in growing sales, slashing overhead costs, improving profit margins on specific products, capturing new clients, etc., then clearly and prominently position those achievements within your résumé and other job search communications," Enelow suggests.

6. Role play

Practice your answers to interview questions -- especially the one that explains why you aren't working, recommends J.T. O'Donnell, a nationally syndicated workplace columnist. "If you were fired, or part of a layoff, you most likely are struggling to deal with this adversity. Role play with someone so you can get comfortable with your answer," she proposes.

"Confidence is key. You'll need to be able to explain the situation in a way that is authentic and sincere without sounding bitter or defeated. Try to stay positive and share what you've learned from the experience -- employers hire folks with good attitudes and the ability to handle adversity."

7. Polish your brand and market it
"How you choose to market yourself will directly impact how long it will take to find a new job," O'Donnell declares. "Identify your strengths and put together the best possible personal brand." You can do this with a flawless résumé, customized and compelling cover letters, and articulate and engaging networking.

"Searching for a job is the same in any type of market. You should be prepared, professional and do the work for the interviewer," Morgan says. "Don't make them guess or imagine how you could fit in -- that is your job ... If you can't make yourself relevant, your résumé will quickly be on the bottom of the pile."

8. Find opportunity in your current position

"New skills can come from a small part of your job that you most enjoy doing," Morgan declares. Ask your current employer to send you to a conference, pay membership dues or join an association.

You can also leverage dreaded tasks by seeking out ones that match a future interest, Morgan adds. "If you dream of running a nonprofit but are an operations manager, volunteer to run the community day for your company. A former law colleague is now the head of PR for a botanic garden because she leveraged her hobby. "

9. Be realistic
"Get real about the time it will take to find a new job," O'Donnell asserts. "In this current job market, I tell clients to expect it to take at least three months to find a job that pays $40,000. Add one month for every $10,000 more you want in salary. In other words, if you are looking for $80,000 a year, expect it to take at least seven months to find a new job."

So Portland, with the help of Employmentguide, Wiser Worker, and Healthcareerweb, what are your tips for better job searching. Post your comments below.

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Hey NC Job Spot readers! As you may have noticed, we updated our blog look. Our blog has had the same design now for a couple of years so it is time for a little change. You'll see most of our content is all the same. However, we did add a Featured Employers section where you can find employers in North and South Carolinas that we're featuring at any given time. Just another addition that we think might be helpful for those who visit us here on the blog.

Also be sure to check out upcoming job fairs in Charlotte and Greensboro, and as always please us your suggestions or questions! We'd love to hear from you.
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Most of the customers we've seen have had budgets cut. So what can you do if your recruiting budget is cut? I mean, you still have to fill open positions because it's more than likely that if you've got a job open, it's probably costing you more to have that position open. So now what? Don't panic. With a little creativity and research, you can find ways to cut and rearrange your spending but still get quality responses. So to help you out with this, we wanted to point you to some good resources for hiring on a budget.

5 Tips for Recruiting in a Recession - some concrete ideas for you to cut costs but still get some quality advertising for your open positions.
Recruiting with Little or No Money - some more concrete ideas to recruit on a budget. This is great because it offers some ideas for Sourcing and breaks down into some ideas for college and few other specifics.
Recruitment Economics - Focused on Orlando area but still a good information on how to get your company to excel in a recession time.
Spice Up Your Employer Brand - How you present your company is going to be crucial especially now when you find a candidate you want to hire.
Why You Should Put Time into Writing a Job Description - How you present the job can really determine what kind of response you're going to get. This will provide tips for optimizing your job posting so that you can get better candidates and a better response.
- Rosie Reilman, Photo by Simon Davison

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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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EG Weekly Publication January 12th-January 18th
EG Weekly Publication January 12th-January 18th

Check out this week's great career opportunities:
Staff Quest
First Transit
North American Trade Schools
Vantage House
All-State Career
D&T Sales Service
American Beauty Academy
Dental Assistant Training School
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Rehabilitation Services in Orlando, FL assisting with January Job Fair
On Monday, January 19th, the Orlando Employment Guide will host our January Job Fair at the Florida Mall and Conference Center. During the planning stages of this event we have worked with Rehabilitation Services, Inc. to assist in the participation of Social Security Disability Recipients (Ticket to Work program) and getting them involved in not only this job fair, but in looking for employment that will impact their future.

If you have come to this page from a call from Rehabilitation Services, Inc., I welcome you to the Orlando JobSpot, the official blog and job seeking information site for the Orlando Employment Guide. On this site you will find information regarding local events like job fairs and seminars, helpful tips on resumes, cover letters and using the Internet to increase your odds of finding employment.

Information on the January Job Fair
The career fair will be held on Monday, January 19th at the Florida Hotel and Convention Center, located adjacent to the Florida Mall on the corner of Orange Blossom Trail and Sand Lake Rd. A Google Map of the location can be found below.

View Larger Map

The event will take place from 10am - 2pm and will feature over 30 local hiring companies and education institutions. A full list of the companies will be available on this site Wednesday, January 14th. Please bookmark this page to check back in with us then.

Job Fair Tips
A job fair is slightly different that applying for a job online or walking in and filling in an application. Here are a few tips to make the best of your job fair experience.
  • Arrive early - While there may be more people to compete with, recruiters are often at their best early in the day and are willing to chat and give you information regarding their organizations.
  • Print out a few copies of your resume - Some companies will be accepting resumes at the event. If you run across one of these companies, it is highly recommended that you hand the recruiter the resume at this time.
  • Bring a smile and some optimism - A job fair is overwhelming, but remember that your attitude and 1st impressions can go a long way to helping a recruiter remember you when the day is over.
  • Have an elevator pitch - You will likely not have a lot of one-on-one time with a hiring manager or HR rep so make the most of the time you do have. Have a 30-45 pitch of yourself, your qualities, relevant experience and goals rehearsed and prepared in the case that you do get to pitch yourself.
  • Resist distractions - This can include turning your cell phone off, being organized with papers, folders and hand-outs, not chewing gum or coming up to a table in mid-conversation with a friend. Professionalism goes a long way at these events.
  • Dress to impress - This is your shot at a first impression, make it great by dressing up to the position you wish to obtain.

For more information on the January Job Fair, please visit the Orlando Employment Guide.
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Congrats Carolina Panthers, you've made it to the post season! This weekend the Panthers take on the Cardinals! It's been an interesting season for the Panthers and there have definitely been some ups and downs but they haven't given up yet. This is the kind of determination that is needed sometimes in the job hunt in our economy right now.

The South Carolina Employmen Security Commission wrote an article about Keeping Your Spirits Up during the job search. Some of that advice included:

  • Listing out your positives. In the same way we can recognize key players, you need to know your key strengths. By doing this you can recoginize the things you are good at that will give you confidence to address them in your cover letter and interview. Use these to relate to the job tasks that are listed in the job description.

  • Remind yourself. Sometimes you need to remind yourself of the good when you don't get the call back or land an interview on an application. Remember the things that you have been successful at and the things you've accomplished. This will help you know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can build upon your strengths, instead of focusing on your weaknesses.

  • Picture and Build Success. Visualize positive outcomes: like a touchdown pass for example. Play out the scene in your mind and make a to-do list of the things that will help you to get there. Imagine that great Hail Mary pass and then set up the play. Make sure they are small and acheivable. Setting good goals will keep you positive and your confidence high.

  • Surround yourself with positive people and help others. Good vibes and positive energy will come that much easier if those who are around you are supportive and encouraging. Sometimes, too, helping others who are also in need not only will fill up some of the time while you are not working but also take your mind off of your own needs for awhile. Plus volunteering is a great way to build your network and sometimes get experience for a new career.
So hopefully the Panthers can visualize the win this Saturday night, stay positive and keep their confidence high to actually succeed in a win--So far the outlook is good. Especially in times like this when there seems to be more people without jobs than jobs available. Still, a positive attitude can go a long way - it may very well be the thing that gets you the job (or a ton of great touchdown passes and a killer defense, perhaps?).

To follow the Panthers through the playoffs, check out Panther Tracks Blog from the Charlotte Observer.

- Rosie Reilman, Photo courtesy of Carolina Panthers

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The building materials provider BMC West announced on Monday that it was going to close its Sherwood office and slash an undetermined number of local jobs. The number of job lose has not been finalized yet. The Sherwood office had 109 employees and up to 105 of them will begin being laid off on March 2nd. Though the company says that it will try to retain as many as it can, but those looking to transfer are going to have to wait as the company revises it's business plan in the next two months. Building Material Holding, BMC West's parent company had been a fixture on the Forbes Fortune 1000 list, with the company posting profits of over $300 million from 2003-2006. However, in 2007 they posted a loss of $313 million. According to Stan Wilson, Building Material Holdings president, Portland's sagging construction market made it a target for reduction.

Elsewhere in the Northwest, Les Schwab has eliminated 65 jobs in the Prineville area. However, the company plans to bring back at least 38 of the workers when the economy improves. Jodi Hueske, a Les Schwab executive said that they are selling, loading, and hauling fewer tires which effects everyone. Les Schwab had moved it headquarters to Prineville from Bend last month. They left behind around 600 employees to work in the tire distribution center there. Prineville is located in Crook County, which had the state's highest unemployment rate in November at 12.4%

So Portland, tell us if you were effected by the these recent job reductions in the state. If so, you can always find help here at the Employment Guide. You can also leave your comment in the section below.
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There is a lot of excitement here in Baltimore about the Ravens victory over the Miami Dolphins 27-10 in the wild card game.

The coach John Harbaugh and quarterback Joe Flacco had made NFL history by winning a playoff game without home field advantage and both being rookies.

Now, the Ravens must face a tougher opponent, which is the Tennessee Titans. However, when the Ravens played the Titans in week 5 there was an interception thrown by Flacco that put the Titans into field goal range. Needless to stay, the Titans beat the Ravens at home by 3 points with less than a minute on the play clock.

On the show Ravens Extra Trevor Pryce said, “After dominating the whole game and the Titans beating us by a field goal has been a tough pill for the team to swallow and now we get a rematch.”

It is unbelievable how the 2007 season went from 5-11 to 11-5 in the 2008 season. Now we are in the playoffs for the first time in seven years.

If you haven’t bought your tickets for the playoff game here is the hottest deal in Baltimore:

Towson Travel is happy to announce a Raven’s Roadies bus trip to Nashville for the playoffs this weekend. Departs on Friday and return on Sunday. Excellent price! $475 per person and it includes…

•Round trip bus fare on a private coach by Hunt Valley Motor Coach (bathroom, TV’s etc…)
•2 nights at the Courtyard Marriott in Nashville
•Game Ticket for Saturday’s game
•Tailgate party
•Transfers to the stadium/hotel

Please contact Cindy Dohony for more information @
(443) 415-8672 (Cell) or call (410) 823-7770 Ext. 19 (Office)

What are your plans for the game? What are your thoughts about the Ravens versus Titans?

Please let us know, GO RAVENS!!!
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Welcome to 2009, Atlanta! Here are the last couple of editions of our print publications.

The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - December 29, 2008 - January 2, 2009
The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - December 29, 2008 - January 2, 2009

The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - January 5 - 11, 2009 Part I
The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - January 5 - 11, 2009 Part I

The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - January 5 - 11, 2009 Part II
The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - January 5 - 11, 2009 Part II

You can also search for jobs online at www.EmploymentGuide.com!
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Welcome to 2009! Here are some tips on igniting your job search!
Know where to find the jobs.
This blog is a fairly new edition for our South Texas and Louisiana areas. However, our job search sites have been around for quite some time. You can get a good run down and ideas from this post in Atlanta: Adding to your Career Toolbox. This outlines all of our job search sites available, so whether you're in healthcare, you're looking for temporary or full-time employment, there is a site for you out there to help jump start your search.

Another helpful site is Jobalot.com. This is a vertical search engine that compiles job postings from multiple websites in one place. That way you only have to visit one site instead of, say, 50.

Updating your deets.
When starting a job search it's important to make sure that you have updated information. Make sure your resume, your recommendations, references and online profiles are up to date. You might want to brush up on your social media know-how as well. These sites are proving to be quite helpful in the job search.

Ask your network.
Referrals are still the most popular way that people find jobs. Talk to your friends, family, and old coworkers about your job search. They might be able to help point you in the right direction or get your foot in the door to an interview. You never know, you might get a good referral. Helping others can also be beneficial during your job search.

Do some soul-searching and know what you want.
I've heard many recruiters complain that job seekers don't know what they want before they start looking. Start with what you are good at. Then think about what it is you really would like to do. Sometimes that might mean going back for some extra schooling or coursework. Take time to find the perfect job for you. This will make it easier when you are going through the interview and hiring process to have confidence and enthusiasm.

- Rosie Reilman, Photo by Tambako the Jaguar

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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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EG Weekly Publication January 5th-January 11th
EG Weekly Publication January 5th-January 11th

Check out this week's great career opportunities:
First Transit
North American Trade Schools
Corporate Express
All-State Career
Bello Machre
Durham School Services
Chimes, Inc.
Ruxton Health & Rehabilitation Center
HCR Manorcare
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Update your resumeWith the New Year comes new promise, dreams and opportunities. It is also a time to take what you have learned, accomplished and grown into and put that into your professional life. Take some time in the start of the new year to update your profiles to match your current lifestyle and work accomplishments. Take this approach to your resume, your social networks, your references, reach out to contacts that you made in the past year and see how they have helped you develop.

Here is a quick checklist of things that may need updating in your life, your profiles and for your job search:


  • Objective - make it more direct and personal. Have you changed industries? Can you increase your visibility by brightening this statement up?
  • Education - did you take any classes or courses in which you learned something relevant to your career. Are your high school classes and accomplishments still relevant?
  • Skill sets and other section of your resume - have you volunteered at an organization, led an event, raised money, tutored or helped someone. There are plenty of areas that can be relevant to th position you are looking for.
Online profiles
  • Check Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace or others to see if you need to update your pictures, your bio and description. Is the image you are portraying online, the image you want the public to see?

References and recommendations
  • Are your references out of date? If so, find the people in your network that can make you look better brighter and on the winning path to join an organization.
  • Have you done any freelance work? Get testimonials and recommendations for your work to showcase your abilities and hard work.

What else can you update in your life to make '09 successful for your career? Let us know how you updated and how it is affecting you in the comments - we wold love to hear from you.

-Greg Rollett