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2009 Pittsburgh Diversity Employment and Career Education Expo at Mellon Arena

The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and www.EmploymentGuide.com® partner to sponsor “Putting Americans Back to Work” Job Fair Series in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA, 2/27/2009– In response to the current economic crisis and a tightening labor market, The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and www.EmploymentGuide.com have combined efforts to bring together jobseekers with companies who seek their talents.

On Tuesday, March 24th, from 10:00AM to 2:00PM at Mellon Arena more than 30 pittsburgh area employers and schools will meet and interview hundreds of job seekers.

Some of the companies and schools attending include:

Army National Guard
Burns & Scalo Roofing
Community College of Allegheny County
H&R Block
Life Pittsburgh
Mainstay Life Services
New Century Careers
Transitional Services
Waddell & Reed Financial Services
All-State Career School
Greenery Care Center
Cardworks Servicing
PIA Truck Driving School
U.S. Navy
Parkvale Bank
Giant Eagle
Building and Construction Trade Industry Partnership
Brightside Academy
City of Pittsburgh
CEP / Clayton Academy

And more

Co-sponsored by The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and www.EmploymentGuide.com, the 2009 Pittsburgh Employment and Career Education Expo is part of the “Putting Americans Back to Work” Job Fair Series, taking place in more than 50 cities across the country throughout 2009. The job fair series allows jobseekers to have personal contact with perspective employers.
Participating employers will seek to fill hourly to mid level positions ranging from entry-level to management and they represent industries such as health care, customer service, hospitality, finance, sales, insurance, skilled trades, transportation, security and more.

Adding to the success of this new job fair series is support from associations interested in helping their members including: the AARP Foundation, the National Urban League, and the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

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Searching for a job is a full time job(Photo by JulyYu)

Over the course of nearly 2 years we have chatted about strategies, tips and tactics to finding jobs in the Orlando market. From job fairs to interviewing to personal branding to networking, volunteering, searching for jobs online, offline and everything else that comes with the turbulent times of looking for your next career, job or lifestyle opportunity.

The one mistake I see time and time again is that you are not working on your job hunt and personal branding like it is a full time job. When you are at a desk from 9-5 you get a great deal of things done. Why don't you treat your job search the same way?

Schedule your day
One of the best tips I can give you is to set times for specific activities throughout your day. Recruiters are usually easier to get a hold of in the morning so I would plan for phone calls from 8am - 10am. Take the mid day to search for job openings on job boards, in classifieds, papers, etc and create a lead list of job possibilities. Lastly, use the afternoon to build your personal brand, network and research the companies and the people that work there.

Set specific goals
With your schedule, set specific achievable goals that you hold yourself to. Make 5 calls to recruiters. Find 6 jobs that I would like to learn more about. Write 1 blog post. Friend 5 people on LinkedIn. Reply to 5 posts and start a conversation with the authors. Whatever the case may be, set clear goals and achieve them everyday.

Take the weekends off
If you are training yourself to work the job hunt like a job, then you also need time to refresh, reload and relax with your family. If you like to work on the weekends, then take Monday or a day in the middle of the week off. As important as it is to find your next job and get a consistent paycheck, your mind can only handle so much.

Create systems and relationships to manage your work day
Using things like RSS Readers, task managers like Remember the Milk and Google Calendar and leveraging networks like LinkedIn make your day easier to manage. Having one or 2 places to log in where you can perform many tasks and keep yourself organized will not only help you in your job hunt but also when you land the job you will be better equipped to manage your work load and perform at a higher standard.

Here's to your new job, the job of looking for a job. There are opportunities out there Orlando, it is up to you to find them and be prepared to jump on them when they do open up.

Happy hunting Orlando!

-Greg Rollett
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KPTV Channel 12 in Portland was on hand at the Job Fair and had this to say about yesterday. It is basically a brief overview of the Job Fair and the job market with some interviews of job seekers. Our District Manager is also featured in the video that is on the right hand side. Brian goes on to say, "business is still going, for the most part, and while they may not be in the growth stage, most companies are still having turnover for some mission critical positions they need to fill". Excellent work by everyone who worked the fair and the job seekers that attended!

They were also kind enough to plug our website on their newslink section. It is the second link on the left hand side under "NewsLinks."

Hope to see everyone at our next Job Fair on June 4th!
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Here are a few pictures that I took yesterday at the Job Fair. There are still more to come. If anyone took some pictures yesterday and would like to share them, email them to me at brandon.schrader@www.employmentguide.com.

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BarCamp Miami 2009
The last few days I have been in Miami attending BarCampMiami and Future of Web Apps. While most of the 3 days focused on emerging technologies and how the web is enabling people to find information and communicate with others in ways that are beyond our imagination.

One thing that kept popping up was branding. Whether it be personal branding, company branding or empowering your employees to help build a brand, it was a theme that no one could escape. I know that we have been harping on personal brands for the past few weeks here on the Orlando JobSpot, but the importance should be on the top of your to-do list.

One of the key branding presentations turned into standing room only as Jay Berkowitz gave his 10 Rules to Personal Branding chat. Jay has worked on the brand management side of McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Sprint and eDiets.com and can talk about branding from a large corporate standpoint down to that of individuals looking for a leg up in the job hunting process.

Here is a link to his 10 Rules of Personal Branding.

The other big branding presentation was from Alex Hunter, Head of Internet Marketing for Virgin. His talk focused on the shift in advertising and the conversation flow of corporations and the consumer. Brands are activley shifting from corporate advertising to crowd sourced and consumer driven marketing. Virgin is making their shift towards this movement by redesigning their site to be controlled by what the people are saying. From videos, to blog posts to other tools online - they are giving power back to the consumer.

Look for more instances of branding - both personal and corporate to come out this year, as many people and companies need to make a shift and show their true colors to stand out from their competition.

Happy hunting Orlando!

-Greg Rollett
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It has been a rough time for the United States Employment. More than 3.6 million American have lost their jobs since early 2008, with nearly 600,000 of those jobs cut in January. Some people have found new positions while the nation’s unemployment rate stands at 7.6 percent.

Here are some tips of what to do if you are laid off.

1.Negotiate Smartly.
If you have any reason to suspect your company might do
lay-offs, be aware of the severance packages being offered by the company. Then if you are laid off, negotiate for a layoff package just as you would for a salary. Ask if you can cash in your earned vacation time, or sick and personal days accumulated.

2.File for Unemployment.
Those who were employees should qualify for unemployment benefits. File as soon as possible as it can take up to two weeks to receive a check. P/T workers and Contractors don’t receive unemployment benefits

3. Talk it out.
Tell others what you are going through such as family or friends and perhaps they may refer you to a job or know of a place that is hiring.

4.Do not sign up for COBRA immediately.
You have 60 days after leaving a job to apply for COBRA. You might get a job in 30 days and may not need the benefits.

5.Maintain old Contacts.
Write thank-you notes to you supervisor and colleagues enclosing your contact information. They may keep you in mind if an opportunity rises.

6.Get involved in social networking websites.
Post your resume on facebook, myspace, and HiredIn. Create a professional profile and be sure to include all your qualifications. Attend networking events in your area.

7.Tighten up on expenses.
Without a pay check, this means a tighter budget. Cut out magazine subscriptions, eating at restaurants and any other miscellaneous items that are not needed.

8.Stay Positive.
Easier said then done, right? Get up every morning and do some exercise. Then dedicate a certain time everyday for networking, applying for jobs, and attending work related events such as a job fair.

Feel free to leave any comments about how you got through a tough time after being laid off.

Don’t forget our first job fair for 2009 is Wednesday March 25th from 10am to 2pm at The Baltimore Convention center.
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Photo copyright NewOrleansOnline.com.

Happy Mardi Gras to our blog readers!

Did you know?
- The first Mardi Gras parade was held in New Orleans on February 24, 1857 by the Krewe of Comus. They began the tradition of presenting a parade with floats and following it with a ball for the krewe and their guests.

- Krewes are the organizations that put together the parades and balls that are traditionally held on Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday). They're also the ones generally on the floats throwing beads or candy.

- The official colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green and gold. Purple stands for justice, green for faith, and gold for power.

If you're in New Orleans for Mardi Gras or want to know more about the history of Marti Gras and Carnival, you can find more information on all the events going on here. Or check out the Wikipedia article.
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Because the Atlanta Job Fair is next week, I thought I'd offer a bunch of links that will provide you with information on attending a career fair. This way, you'll know what to expect and get the most out of your job fair experience.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Job Fairs
Using Career Success Stories
Why a Proactive Job Search is More Important than Ever
Ace the Interview!
3 Job Seeker Habits to Break
Video: Job Fair Tips from Greensboro
Video: What is it like at an Employment Guide Job Fair? Recruiters' advice to job seekers
Video: What Job Seekers say about Employment Guide Job Fairs?
Audio: Matt & Ramona on Job Fairs
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Fox8 News in the Triad did a report this morning on what to expect at the job fair today at Quality Inn & Suites in Greenboro.

We'll be around from 9am and 1pm if you're in the Greensboro area so stop by and talk to our recruiters.
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Last week's job fair had a phenominal turn out. Unfortunatly there were more job seekers than jobs available, a sign of the times. For more than 300 job seekers there was good news, they were hired on the spot or called back for more formal interviews, but thre were over 1,700 job seekers at our Tuesday event, which means many others were not so lucky.

It may seem like the ods of obtaining a job at a job fair are pretty slim, but actually the ratio of jobs to job seekers was 1 available job for each job seeker. That's actually not too bad. If you think about how many people apply to one job on job boards, the ratio then becomes more like 1 job for about 50-100 resumes. With the job fair, at least you are able to speak directly with an employer and present yourself in a way that may lead to an interview. Being able to approach a recruiter with your success stories and add a personal touch are so invaluable.

In this sense, job fairs are a great asset to your job search and can provide an excellent opportunity to find employment. It's so important to be proactive in your job search, job fairs are a great way to do that.

If you're in the Greensboro area, please stop by our job fair tomorrow, Feb. 24, 2009 from 9-1. Be sure to check out tips from the last Greensboro Job Fair!

If you're in Raleigh, we also have a job fair coming up on March 3, 2009 as well. You can also check out the News & Observer's list of other upcoming job fairs as well in the area.

Can't make it? There are other ways to stay proactive and get connected to people who can help. One way that www.EmploymentGuide.com offers is through Job Alerts. Click on the Job Alert Icon and enter your email, zip code and industry. We'll email you jobs as their posted online. This is a great way to stay notified of new jobs as their posted on our site in the industry you're looking for.
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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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EG Weekly Publication February 23rd-March 1st
EG Weekly Publication February 23rd-March 1st

Check out this week's great career opportunities:
All-State Career
OnPoint Staffing
North American Trade Schools
AEX Group
Baltimore School of Massage
Maryland Department of Public Safety
D&T Sales Service
Bello Machre
Ivy Hall
Scotts Lawn Service
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A Micro-enterprise by definition is a business with five or fewer employees, small enough to require initial capital of $35,000 or less.

According to the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, one out of six U.S. private sector employees’ works for a microenterprise.

The YWCA Greater Pittsburgh supports Micro-enterprise through our Enterprising Women Program.

Cost is $35.00 that includes lunch.


February 28th, 2009 —- 8:30 AM—4:-00 PM
Carnegie Mellon University —- University Center,
5000 forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Opening Keynote Address by Dr. Carl Knoblock,
District Director of Small Business Administration
Pittsburgh District Office

Technology: Inexpensive Impact of the Internet
The Power of Blogging, Donna Baxter will present the impact and affordability of blogging to market the small business. She is the webmaster of The Soul Pitt.com

Face book – Twitter – MySpace Internet Advertising, Google Analytics
How does a small business market to the masses on the internet social networks? Work shop presenters are Students in Free Enterprise from Carnegie Mellon University

Marketing: Generate “Buzz” About Your Company
Smart Reader
Chris Engler, Pittsburgh Business Times
Branding a Business for the Marketplace, Dr. Evelyn Pierce
Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University
Sharpening the Elevator Pitch,
Vernard Alexander, Marketing-Networking Exchange
Social Entrepreneurship, Dr. Milton Cofield,
Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University
Entrepreneurship in the Current Economy, Lyzona Marshall, ABD
Assistant Professor of Business, Seton Hill University;
OnaMar Associates, LLC

Regulations: Legal is Beneficial
IRS Laws and Regulations for the Microenterprise, Jim Merante
Why Register as a Business-Becoming Certified, Elizabeth Bowers, Western Region of the State of Pennsylvania, Department of General Services
Finance: Creatively Financing the Microenterprise
Financing the Smallest Business, Carl Knoblock, SBA and Bridgeway Capital
Raising Venture Capital, Dr. Thomas J. Hajduk, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

For more information, please contact Alice Williams, Business Support Specialist, YWCA
412-255-6743 • awilliams@ywcapgh.org

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In response to the current economic crisis and a tightening labor market, www.EmploymentGuide.com is bringing together jobseekers with companies who seek their talents. On Tuesday, March 3, 2009 from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Fox Theatre, employers will meet and interview hundreds of job seekers.

The www.EmploymentGuide.com Atlanta job fair is part of the “Putting Americans Back to Work” Job Fair Series, taking place in more than 50 cities across the country throughout 2009. The job fair series allows jobseekers to have personal contact with perspective employers.

Participating employers will seek to fill hourly positions ranging from entry-level to management and they represent industries such as health care, customer service, hospitality, finance, sales, insurance, skilled trades, transportation, security and more.

Adding to the success of this new job fair series is support from associations interested in supporting their members including: the AARP Foundation, the National Urban League, and the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Ford Motor Company is continuing its successful job fair partnership with The Employment Guide and www.EmploymentGuide.com, which provides Ford employees who are considering buyout offers the opportunity to transition to new careers. Ford will promote the “Putting Americans Back To Work” job fairs to employees who have previously accepted buyout packages.

Atlanta Job Fair - March 3, 2009
Atlanta Job Fair - March 3, 2009 or view our Job Fair flyer here.
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Today was our second “Putting Americans Back To Work” job fair in Charlotte. Again, over 1,000 job seekers attended this event looking for employment. Unfortunately, there were more job seekers than jobs available, and while many walked away with a new job or at least a follow up interview, many more were not as fortunate. You've probably seen some of the blog posts and news coverage we've received in the last few days.

A few weeks ago we received an invitation to Job Angels, a group that's sole purpose to help job seekers out - just help 1 person find 1 job. We were moved by this initiative, so we at The Employment Guide here in the Carolinas decided to get on board.

At each of our job fairs we collect resumes for people who cannot attend or who would like to pre-register for our event. We then share these resumes with employers who attended our event. Because of the overwhelming amount of resumes we received for our February Job Fairs we decided to do our part and try to be “Job Angels” ourselves.

We originally published our offer on Twitter but decided to open this up to all of our blog readers as well. Throughout the month of February, if you have a job to offer, you can direct message @carolinajobs via Twitter or email (Subject: Job Angel); we'll search our database for job seekers who match the type of jobs available.

To qualify for this promotion, you'll need to send us your:

  • Company Name
  • Job location (Charlotte, Greensboro or Raleigh & surrounding areas)
  • Job Title or Keywords (to give us an idea of what you're looking for)
  • How you want the job seeker to contact you

Only companies with hourly or salary jobs will qualify. We will research all companies who make request and of course reserve the right to withhold job seeker information from any company who does not qualify. We want to help as many job seekers as we can, plus this is a great opportunity for those of you with one or two jobs that you'd like to fill.

Once you send us your information, we'll research your company, search our database of job seekers, and then contact a few that we think might qualify to fill your position. We will encourage the job seekers to contact you directly. The great thing is it's free for all involved… our own little stimulus package right here in the Carolinas, and we didn’t have to spend Billions of $$$$.

Don't Send a Cover Letter
by: Kevin Donlin, Guest Blogger
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As a rule, most employers hate reading cover letters. Because nearly all of them are what I call, 3B: bland, boring and banal.


In fact, most cover letters are such formulaic exercises in boredom that I suggest you stop sending them to employers.


That's right. Don't send a cover letter.


Instead, send a sales letter.


After all, your goal in writing to employers is to "sell" them on hiring you, right?


With that in mind, here's a success story that will help you stop sending cover letters, and start sending sales letters that get job interviews.


Paul D. from White Bear Lake, Minn. writes: "I met you at the Star Tribune job expo and I wanted to comment on your tip to write a sales letter rather than a cover letter. I took your advice and, after sending the new cover letter to apply for two jobs online, I had one call the same day for an interview! The other call came the day after."


Paul batted 1.000 with the two cover letters he sent out. Not bad. And his story offers three lessons that can get you hired ...



1) Get Attention by Asking a Question

You must get employers' attention at the start of your letter and compel them to read. Otherwise, your letter won't have any effect -- bored readers will skim it, then rush to read your résumé.


An easy way to get attention is to ask a question. Why? Questions are hard to ignore -- they engage and involve readers.


This is what I suggested at the job search seminar Paul attended. He took my advice and wrote a new cover letter that began like this:


Dear Mr. Peterson:


Are you looking for a professional marketing person who has demonstrated analytical and problem-solving ability, practical project management skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills?


Paul's question practically forces readers to answer, Yes! And if you can get employers to nod in agreement while reading your "sales letter," you've taken a giant leap toward getting hired.



2) Emphasize Specific Results

Which of the following statements is more interesting?


A) I'm a hard worker, honest and reliable, with excellent attention to detail.


B) I saved my last employer more than $1,000.


It's B, of course. B makes a specific claim, while A is a list of generalities. All things being equal, the candidate who sprinkles results throughout his/her "sales letter" is more likely to get hired. Because that's what ever person is hired to do at every employer -- produce results.


That's what Paul emphasized in his letter -- specific results like these:


My attention to detail saved my company more than one thousand dollars in incorrect registration forms over six months.


Now, that isn't perfect. I would use numerals (not words), put them first, and include a dollar sign, all of which makes the results more obvious. Like this:


I saved more than $1,000 for my company in 6 months, by finding and correcting registration forms.



3) End with a Provocative P.S.

Here's where Paul hit it out of the park.


Remember, you want to send a sales letter, not a cover letter. And what do all sales letters have? A P.S. at the end. (Read your junk mail after you finish this article to verify this is true.)


Good sales letters have a P.S. because good copywriters know the P.S. always gets read. Why? That's not important now.


What is important is for you to include a P.S. in your "sales letter" that is so intriguing, employers have no choice but to call you to learn more.


That's what Paul did. Here's the P.S. he wrote, following my advice:


P. S. - Please call me if you would like to learn how I produced over $70,000 in grant money for the Minnesota Trucking Association last year.


This is simple and brilliant. Just as the opening question of Paul's letter forced readers to nod and answer Yes, the P.S. forces them to say, Huh? Then, pick up the phone and call.


In Paul's case, he got two calls in two days, from two "sales letters." And one new job. Here's the rest of his letter to me:


"I finished the second interview yesterday and was offered the job the same day! Best of all, I was able to negotiate a raise and I am convinced that if I had not rewritten my cover letter it would have never happened. Thank you!"


Today, more than ever, you need to stop sending boring cover letters and start sending sizzling sales letters. To do so, follow these three tips: open with a question, emphasize specific results, and include a P.S.


Now, go out and make your own luck!



Kevin Donlin is Creator of TheSimpleJobSearch.com. Since 1996, he has provided job-search help to more than 20,000 people. Author of 3 books, Kevin has been interviewed by The New York Times, Fox News, CBS Radio and others. His free report, The Simple Job Search Manifesto, is found at www.TheSimpleJobSearch.com 


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The Federal Reserve today sharply downgraded its projections for country's economy. They are saying that this year the economy will shrink and unemployment will rise higher. They are predicting that the unemployment rate for the nation will be somewhere between 8.5 and 8.8%, instead of the earlier projections at 7.1 and 7.6%. They are also projecting that the economy will contract between .5 and 1.3%, instead of the slight contraction that predicted in November of .2%. The last time the economy registered a full contraction was in 1991 at about .2%. This year would mark the weakest showing since a 1.9% drop in 1982. There was also a severe recession at that time. What is even worse is the growing toll of housing, credit and financial crisis that is as bad as it has been since the great depression of the 1930's.

Time Magazine this week complied a list of 25 people that they thought were blame worthy for the financial crisis. They let you vote on a scale of 1-10 about there blameworthiness. According to Oregonian blogger Brent Hunsberger, the most jarring was John Devaney. He is a hedge-fund manager that bought into risky loans. In 2007 he was quoted in Money Magazine saying that "the consumer has to be an idiot to take on one of these loans, but it has been one of our best-perfomring investments." So Portland, who do you think is to blame?

Also today, the Better Business Bureau also known as the BBB warns people in the Oregon and Washington areas of a texting scam that is going on. Consumer complaints have been coming in and saying that they are recieving text messages about their accounts being suspended and to contact a phone number to resolve the issue. Just be carfeul on who you give your information to Portland!

With today's news looking bleak, the Employment Guide is here to help. If the economic crisis is effecting you, we are having a Job Fair next Wednesday, February 25th at the Hilton in downtown Portland. If you have any comments or concerns please feel free to leave a comment below.
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Whether you’re on the hunt for your very first job or just looking for a change of scenery, preparing for an interview can be daunting. Not to worry, the best way to do well in an interview is to be prepared. These few steps will show you how to enter the interview with confidence.

1.Find out as much information as possible about the company.
First talk to your family and friends. Do they know anyone who has been interviewed with the company? Find out about the job duties and requirements needed for the position. Do an internet search and see if the employer has a website. Read the mission statement and the history about the company. Does the company specialize in a specific field? This will help you ask intelligent questions and show that you have some knowledge about the company

2.Do a Pre-Interview Self Assessment.
Are you able to tell your prospective employer positive information about yourself?
Make a list of your skills and personality traits that would benefit the position that you are applying for. Make a list of possible interview questions and practice them out loud with a friend or a family member. Be able to give specific answers and not just general statements. Here are a few of some of the most common questions asked.
•Tell me a little about your self
•What are your strengths and weaknesses?
•Why should we hire you?
•What specific skills could you bring into the company?

3.Dress in a professional manner.
Proper Business Attire for Men
•Choose a conservative suite in navy, black or gray either pinstripe or solid.
•A solid white dress shirt.
•Ties should be made of a silk like fabric. Avoid ties with cartoon characters
•Shoe should be clean and well polished. No tennis shoes or flip flops should be worn.
•Keep jewelry to a minimum and don’t wear any earrings.
•Personal hygiene is the key to success. Don’t over due your fragrance.

Proper attire for Women
•Start with a skirted suit or pants for the most conservative look. How ever skirted suits look more professional.
•Skirts should be knee-length or slightly above or below.
•Blouses and sweaters provide color and variety to woman’s clothing, but should be appealing and not revealing.
•Makeup shouldn’t be put on heavy.
•Avoid excessive amounts of jewelry. Keep it simple one ring per hand, and one set of earrings in each ear.
•Personal hygiene is the key to success. Don’t over due your fragrance.
•Wear dress shoes with a medium heel. Avoid flip flops and tennis shoes.

Now you are ready to attend your interview. Good luck and best regards to you. Let us know about your interview. Feel free to leave some tips and success stories.
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Photo copyright Davie Hinshaw/Charlotte Observer

Today was apparent that there certainly is a need for jobs in the Queen City. Our Charlotte Employment Guide job fair attracted about 1,700 people and even more that we had to turn away since our job fair was scheduled only until 1:00pm. If you were unable to make it today, we still have a 2nd day to meet with employers. You can check out that information here or by clicking on the Charlotte Job Fair banner above.

The 2nd day to our event will take place this Thursday, February 19th from 9:00am - 1:00pm at the Hilton Garden Inn on Statesville Rd. I-77 exit 18 off of Harris Blvd.

Here's some media coverage that we got for the event today:
Charlotte Observer: Charlotte Job Fair attracts huge lines, or view the Photo Gallery
WBTV: Charlotte Job Fair today
WCNC: Line wraps around building for job fair (Video)
WSOC TV: Unemployed Seeks Scarce Jobs in Charlotte Job Fairs (Video)

Employers who are hiring, we've still got some last minute space so please feel free to if you'd like to attend Thursday. And if you're a job seeker we suggest that you:

  • Come prepared and bring plenty of resumes
  • Show up early so that you are sure to make it in to see the recruiters
  • And check out more job fair information and advice on our blog
  • Prepare a 30-second pitch for recruiters

If for some reason you cannot attend, or would like to send your resume, you can . Just put Charlotte in the Subject line. We'll give your resume to every employer that attended.

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EG Weekly Publication February 16th-22nd
EG Weekly Publication February 16th-22nd
Check out this week's great career opportunities:
North American Trade Schools
CES Security
John Hopkins (Medical Research)
All-State Career
American Beauty Academy
MV Transportation
Stella Maris
Scotts Lawn Service
USA Truck
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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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When you are out of work, your industry keeps moving. From the tools to tactics to leaders and influencers, the working world never stands still. As part of our personal branding series, we are going to look at a few free ways to stay on top of your industry so when you get back in the workplace, you are in the know and can act like you never missed a beat.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free service that allows you to get updates via email on any keyword phrase that you want to stay on top of. Every second of every day Google is searching the Internet for new websites, pages, articles, blogs, videos, etc and when they come across something new that hits your keyword phrase they will email you so you can check it out. With Google Alerts you have the option of receiving the following types of content:
  • News
  • Web
  • Blog
  • Video
  • Groups
  • Comprehensive (all of the above)
The key thing to remember with Google Alerts is that the more specific your search term the more relevant results you will get. If your topic is popular, you can choose to receive updates once a week, daily or as it happens. I suggest going daily as not to flood your inbox with different articles and web pages.

LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers
LinkedIn Answers
LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows for people to connect with each other via past professional relationships. Within this service are groups. These groups can range from Orlando Restaurant Group to Youth Marketers to Sales Professionals. Joining these groups allows you to network and listen to what is going on in their businesses. Discussions on marketing, hiring, trends, etc are discussed and is a great place to learn and soak in some information.

Another area on LinkedIn that is great for industry education is the answers section. Here people can ask questions and industry pros answer them, comment and discuss how to best approach the situation. From here you can chime in, sit back and listen or ask your own questions.

AllTop Work
From their website, AllTop's purpose is to help you answer the question, “What’s happening?” in “all the topics” that interest you. What they did was create a homebase for all the hot topics in a number of industries. From the homepage click on work and you can explore all the best sites and stories from banking, consulting, branding, customer service and so much more. This is a new favorite site of mine and a great way to see what is happening now!

I hope these sites give you an edge to stay on the pulse of your industry. Just because you are out of work doesn't mean the learning should stop. Aquiring skills, education and industry knowledge could be the thing that seperates you from the crowd.

Stay tuned as we continue our personal branding series next week with a look at Blogging 101 and Reputation Managment. Happy Valentine's Day Orlando and best of luck in looking for a job.

-Greg Rollett
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The same way you know how employees deceive you in every day business is how HR professionals catch the dishonest so easily. When lies are present there are inconsistencies and makes the interview even harder to pull off.

Want to spice up your resume and attract more attention? It's easy. Write your resume to stand out among the hundreds of resumes that hiring managers skim each day, but do not LIE!

Most common lies on a resume are:
Dates: People change the months or days to make the dates work out or say they still work for a company they got fired from
Creating a miscellaneous job to cover up employment gaps: People create fake companies they have worked for to cover up gaps.
Education: People add degrees they didn’t complete, add fake extended degrees, or add a college they didn’t attend
Job Title: People put down their bosses title instead of their true title. People figure they have done everything their boss has so why not get some credit for it.
Compensation: People lie about what they actually made at a previous employer.
Reason for leaving: People feel like they can say they were laid off even if they were fired. In this time of layoffs people feel they can lie about why their employment was discontinued.

How to spice up your resume without lying:
•Dates: Put years and not months on the resume.
Creating a Miscellaneous job to cover up employment gaps: Change your resume layout to functional or hybrid.
Education: If you didn’t complete a degree don’t write it on the resume. Instead put “Studies In” whatever you major is.
Job Title: Include your official job title and not your bosses.
Compensation: Put in a range from example mid to upper 30’s. Then you aren’t blowing your negotiations or lying.
Reason for leaving: Don’t not include this in your resume. This question will come up in the interview and answer the question with positive circumstances as to why you left.
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Yesterday, the Charlotte Observer published a story about a local Charlotte job-search group that gathers to network and share job searching tips and stories.

With unemployment rates reaching highs not seen in decades, career experts say networking has become more important than ever. In the Charlotte region, new
networking and support groups are springing up, and old ones are seeing new
life. Employment experts estimate that more than 70 percent of jobs are found through personal contacts, such as those found at networking groups.

Of course, few companies are hiring nowadays. At local networking groups, there are few tales of quick success landing a new job.

But those who attend say the networks offer leads, tips, motivation and, most importantly, hope in tough times.

Read the full story here.

It's so true that our networks are some of the first places we look and a lot of the times the best place to find employment. Sometimes a networking group like this can help, as the article said, with motivation and hope. It's hard not to get discouraged sometimes when searching for a job, let alone when the economy is the way it is.

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With the Portland Job Fair only about two weeks away, I wanted to talk about some Job Fair tips that you can use in preparation for the upcoming event. In this article from about.com, it lists 10 job fair tips that you can use from targeting the most promising employers before hand to collecting business cards and following up with business after the event. These can be some helpful tips that can differentiate you from others that show up to the job fair, especially during this recession. You should also remember to dress for success and give yourself more confidence while showing some style and making a lasting first impression. If you came to an employer in causal street clothes, do you think they would hire you?

There are some things you should avoid doing at job fairs and here is a list that may seem comical but you would be surprised. At any job fair, if you exercise common sense you should not find yourself falling into any of these bad habits. Job Fairs are really all about putting your best foot forward and marketing yourself as the right candidate for the job. Sticking out of a crowd can be overwhelming, but following the tips can give a better shot.

So Portland, tell us what you think are good job fair tips that can be expanded from the websites above. You can also let us know what are some other tips you should avoid doing at job fairs. As always leave your comments in the section below.
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Save lives and your career, Houston! Come out to the Toyota Center for our General and Healthcare Job fair and Blood Drive. Come and participate and find a new career at our job fair. While you are here give the gift that saves lives; donate to the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Blood Drive.

For more information on today's event visit here.
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EG Weekly Publication February 2nd-February 9th
EG Weekly Publication February 2nd-February 9th
Check out this week's great career opportunities:
Corporate Express
MV Transportation
Oak Crest
North American Trade Schools
Signature Flight Support
Chimes, Inc.
All-State Career
Tesst College of Technology
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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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Personal branding tools
As we continue along with personal branding week, we are going to discover that there are a lot of tools that you can use online to help in the creation, maintenance and promotion of your personal brand. We are going to break these down into a few categories today:
  • Blog platforms
  • Social Networks
  • Communication Tools
  • Interactive Resumes
  • and E-Mail
  • (we will be doing more tools and tips on Monday when we get into the listening and engagement section).

Blog Platforms
Blogs are simply websites that house your content in reverse chronological order (or your newest updates at the top and archiving older updates). Blogs have been around as we know them for about 10 years, and have been used by everyone from journalists to news sites to personal sites to the home of our new presidential administration. With millions of blogs now online, it is safe to say that they we are well past the days of blogs being considered personal diaries and being a focal point of your personal brand and a center of conversation. Here are the platforms to get started.
Blogger - Owned by Google and a great content manager. Blogger is the platform on which this blog is run and is great for beginners and people who like publishing web content with the push of a button.
Wordpress.com - This is a free blog publishing platform that has become the new standard for beginners that are looking to grow and expand in the realm of blogging. There are some limitations, but the platform itself is home to a great community and constant updates to ensure that your posts are always served and looking fantastic.
Wordpress.org - Wordpress.org is the next step in the eveolution of Wordpress. The software needs to be downloaded and then placed in to a hosting service (look at 1 and 1, we have run sites on their hosting for $1.99/mo with no issues so far). There is unlimited customization options and the sky is the limit using this crowdsourced software.
Tumblr - Tumblr is a great service for digital media professionals who want to showcase video, pictures, links and short posts. Uploading is very easy and the price point is great, free for basic usage.
TypePad - Another blogging software platform that has a free version, while many of the perks come in paid upgrades.

Social Networks
Facebook - The tech giant continues to grow with close to 450,000 new users everyday across the globe. With plenty of privacy options, status updates and newsfeeds, this service is a great place to network, look for job opportunities and utilize applications that deal in your area of expertise.
LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a professional networking service that serves professionals looking to network with each other for business opportunities, new job opportunities and recomend people for services that have been completed in favorable conditions.
Myspace - While not as heaily popular as it once was, Myspace is still a place to network with peers, customize a website and showcase your talents to the world.

Communication Tools
Twitter - Twitter is a status update platform that tells everyone in your network what you are doing in 140 characters or less. Much has been written about how people interact on the service, and has been used for everything from breaking stories about earthquakes and plane landings to product launches to sharing links and videos to lo0oking for jobs.
Meebo - Meebo is an instant messaging aggregator. If you have accounts on Yahoo Messenger, AIM, GTalk, Jabber and other accounts, Meebo allows you to utilize all of them at the same time from one window.

Interactive Resumes
Emurse - Emurse is a drag and drop resume service that hosts your resume online for you to send to prospective employers. It is very user friendly and serves as great way to update your resume as things change in your life and career.
Visual CV - An interactive and new media approach to a resume was the goal with Visual CV. With the service you can add photos, portfolio work, videos and other elements in one easy to send, easy to read online resume. Give it a try today and see how interactive your career really is!

GMail - Becoming the new standard in free e-mail servers, Google's GMail is a great tool for sending, receiving and sorting email. Included is GChat which is becomming a great tool in itself for people to chat and stay in touch with each other.
Hotmail, Yahoo and AOl - All 3 offer great free tools for emails. Just be sure to get a professional email address when signing up!

When you are looking for a job, there is one standard that is not yet going away anytime soon., the resume. And while this sheet of paper is bound by standards and similarities, there are some great things you can do to spruce it up with tools from you personal brand. Linking to blogs, videos, presentations and portfolio work is just the tip of the iceberg. What can you link your resume up to?

Let us know what tools you are using for your personal brand in the comments and ask any questions that you have and we will work through the community to get answers to all of your questions.

-Greg Rollett
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We have what we think is good news in the Charlotte area and want to share it with everyone......More Recruiters Are Attending Our Upcoming Job Fair Than We Anticipated!

That's right, we initially expected 15 to 20 recruiters would participate in our February 17th Job Fair at the Hyatt Place Hotel on Arrowood Rd, but we have sold out the venue and have ADDED ANOTHER JOB FAIR on Thursday, February 19th at the Hilton Garden Inn at the intersection of Statesville Rd and Harris Blvd, Just off of I-77 exit 18.

Job Seekers in both South and North Charlotte now have the opportunity to meet with companies that are actually recruiting. These events are part of the National "Putting Americans Back To Work" Job Fair series. The Employment Guide and www.employmentguide.com are hosting over 200 General and Healthcare Job Fairs in 2009 in the effort to put Americans back to work.

For more information on the upcoming job fairs in Charlotte click here.
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Getting ahead means more than choosing a career and finding a program that suits your goals. It’s all about understanding your desired career path and figuring out how you make the career training right for you and moving towards a brighter future.

Many people think they know the right way to go about picking an occupation and end up choosing a job that is unsatisfying.

Here our some myths of choosing a career with resources that can help you make an informed decision.

1.Finding a career is easy
Choosing a career involves a process and needs allotted time. The career planning process involves four steps. The foremost and important is assessing yourself and explore the occupation in which you are interested in. Research the career you are interested in before you commit to it.

2.A career counselor can tell me what occupation to chose
Actually, a career counselor or any other career professional can’t tell you what career is best for you. The career professional can help guide you through your decision.

3.Making a lot of money will make me happy
Salary is important, but it shouldn’t be the only factor looked at while choosing a career. Money doesn’t necessarily lead to job satisfaction. Enjoying what you do at work will make the job more successful and life less stressful.

4.Once I choose a career I’ll be stuck in it forever
If you are unsatisfied with a career you can always change it. Many people change careers several times over the course of their lifetimes.

5.If I change careers my skills are useless
The skills you obtained are yours to keep. You can take your skills from one job to another. The skills may not be used in the exact same way, but they won’t go to waste. Besides you could share your skills to a friend or family member.

6.If my friend or family member is happy in a particular field then I will be too
Everyone is different that is what makes us unique. Even if you have a lot in common with this person be sure doesn’t necessarily mean you will like the same career.

7.All I have to do is pick a career and everything else will fall into place
Choosing a career is a good start, but you don’t stop there. Research the career before making a final decision. Then assess yourself to see if you are a good fit for that particular career. For example, if you are good with numbers and like
Mathematics then choosing a career in Accounting will be a good choice.

The Employment Guide is here to help you further your education for a new career. Just simply go to http://baltimore.employmentguide.com/education/education.php The featured schools are Stein Academy and Dental Assistant Training school (DATS).
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Choosing a domain name for your personal brandToday we right in the middle of personal branding week here on the Orlando JobSpot. Today we are going to take a look at choosing a niche for your personal brand and how to find domain names based on that niche and your name.

Finding your niche, or specialization, may be the most important step in creating a strong personal brand. The industry you choose to write about, talk about, network with and research will be a determining factor in how future employees see you, how you set yourself up for freelance work, personal business or internal promotions. We have broken down choosing your niche into 3 easy steps.
  1. What is your dream job?
  2. What about the career that you want excites you?
  3. What skills, education, specialization in that career sets you apart from every other worker in that field?
Here are my answers:
  1. Utilizing and teaching social media to people all over the world and getting young people excited about using technology and connecting with brands
  2. I love the fact that talking about Gen-Y, youth marketing and social media excites other people and gets them motivated to use these tools in their career / business.
  3. I have been blogging for over 2 years, have been featured in newspapers and books, interviewed all over the web, consult and talk to all types of companies in all different industries and I am in the demographic that I am trying to get businesses to target.

Based on these 3 questions it would make sense to brand myself as a youth social media marketer. In fact if you type in youth social media marketing on Google you will find my site sitting at #1. Pretty sweet right?

So what about you?
Is your dream job to open your own company, to work for a Fortune 500 or to be able to work remotely to have more time with your family?

What gets you fired up in your career? Is it the paycheck, the face of a satisfied customer, helping someone in need or closing a new huge account? This will help you determine the passion in your career and will spark many topics for you to explore.

What sets you apart in your industry? Have you won awards, spoken or taught a subject, or maybe you are the go-to person for a very specialized part of your job. Whatever the case is, this is your identifying trait that can help your personal brand excel among all the chatter online and off.

At this point I hope that you have thought about your niche and your industry. The next part can be both fun and challenging. Grabbing domains can be a scary task but also can be a great stepping stone to securing your personal brand.

Domain options
Most social media networks allow you to customize domains on their site for free. For example, on Myspace you get to choose a customer URL like myspace.com/myname. Free blog hosting sites like Blogger also give you a customized domain, much like the one you are on now, http://orlandojobspot.blogspot.com. The OrlandoJobSpot part is the name of this blog and helps in our branding and overall strategy. Hopefully from the title you gather that you will find information on Orlando Jobs.

If you want to take it a step further, you can buy a custom domain to host your own website, blog or portfolio. One of the more popular places to do this is with GoDaddy.com. For less than $10/yr you can have a domain that is your own and helps establish credibility for your brand.

Which ever option you choose you need to come up with a smart domain name. The best available option is yourname.com. This is much easier said than done with common names like Jim Smith. If you have a common name you will need to get clever with your domain name choice.

If this is you, you may want to look into adding some keywords into your domain name. For example, if you are Jim Smith, and work as a carpenter you may want to see if orlandocarpenter.com is available or jimsmithcarpentry.com. Both give the impression that you are going to a carpenter's site and both carry a professional brand tag with them.

For more information on choosing a niche or domain for your personal brand, check out these resources below:
Young HR Guy - domain name options
Buy your name as a domain
Personal Brand Attributes by Dan Schawbel

In the comments, please leave your nich and domain name ideas and we will chime in with any advice and tips that we have. See you tomorrow Orlando!

-Greg Rollett
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Just a heads up, San Antonio, this week we have a Career Fair going on this week, February 4th. www.EmploymentGuide.com wants to put Americans back to work with our special job fair series. Click here for a list of companies and location. This series is part of a nationwide job fair tour that allows job seekers to get in contact with employers who are hiring right now.
If you've never been to a job fair before, check out this article on job fairs and what to expect or this one about asking questions at the job fair.

If you're not in the San Antonio area, check out these upcoming events in nearby cities:

03. February 2009 | Show Originial
Well since there is a lot of bad news about the job market in the news today, CNN decided to take a look at the industries that are thriving. While most industries are hurting, education, health services, and accounting are thriving. With more people out of work and looking for a new career, interest in degree programs and teaching certificates has never been higher. In November the education field added 9,800 jobs! With an aging population and a greater demand for health care, health services is still going strong. In November, the health services field added 34,000 jobs and 369,000 jobs over the past 12 months! The accounting field is booming right now and gearing up for tax season. Companies are also trying to find ways to cut costs and save money, so accountants are in high demand.

In Oregon, the big thing right now is solar energy and SolarWorld of Vancouver, Washington is moving it's operation to Hillsboro, Oregon. They will remain in Vancouver and staff around 50 employees, which has been downgraded due to moving into Oregon. The transfer of operations is apart of a large investment to move to a more cost effective plant and bring more jobs to people in Oregon. The solar industry is expected to grow a lot in the next 10 years which helps those looking for jobs in this type of field. SolarWorld is the number 3 producer of Photovoltaics in the world.

Portland is on track to receive hundreds of millions of dollars of new government infastructure projects that intend to create lots of good paying jobs. The projects range from the eastside Portland Streetcar loop to improvements to Portland State University. But so far no project has been given the final approval by the politicans propsoing them, so all of the jobs are on hold for right now. That should be for Oregonians, knowing that jobs are on there way but it just may not be tomorrow.

So Portland, tell us what you think about the shift in thriving industries or how solar energy is making a big push in Oregon. Or the new proposed projects that will help bring employment to the Northwest. In the meantime, we here at the employmentguide are here to help. Please leave your comments in the section below.
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EG Weekly Publication February 2nd-February 8th
EG Weekly Publication February 2nd-February 8th
Check out this week's great career opportunities:
American Beauty Academy
Burger King
North American Trade Schools
All-State Career
Medix School
Eyre Bus Service
Pendum, Inc.
Admiral Security
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2009 is the year of the personal brand. Or so many marketers and social media players would have you think. I, on the other hand, believe that in these economic times, being one step ahead of your peers and competition is vital to having a successful 2009.

Personal branding, as defined by Wikipedia,
"is the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands."
Quite simply you are promoting yourself in the industry that you wish to work or be successful in. The topic is popular among Gen-Y and students about to enter the workforce, but should not be segmented into solely this generation.

Personal branding can help anyone in any industry get ahead and create digital footprints that leads to experience, research and community. Throughout the rest of the week, we will dive into topics that relate to personal branding and how you can get involved one day at a time.

Topics we will cover include:
  • Securing domain names
  • Industry specialization
  • Selecting platforms to use
  • Listening and engagement
  • Blogging 101
We will try our best to provide step-by-step instructions, links and case studies to show you the power of personal branding and the roles that new media plays, and how that reverts back to finding a job.

If you would like to get the entire series on personal branding delivered right into your inbox, I do suggest subscribing to our E-Mail Feed on the top right side of this page, under the video. That way as soon as a post goes live, it will be sent to your email, for you to read on your own time.

Happy hunting Orlando and we'll see you back tomorrow for Specialization and Domain Names.

-Greg Rollett
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Ryan Healy, co-founder of Brazen Careerist, a blogging network for young professionals, has released a new free eBook entitled, "Career Blogging." On all of the Florida JobSpots, I have stated the importance of personal branding and establishing yourself as an industry player. Google is quickly becoming the new resume destination and reputations online are the new first impressions that were found at job fairs or walking into places of employment.

With the need to stand out among your peers and competition now more than ever, Ryan Healy has released this eBook at an optimal time to re-energize your job profile.

It is an easy read, coming it at 27 pages and it printer friendly as well. Ryan covers topics such as
  • Old vs. New in job hunting trends
  • Why blogging is an effective career tool
  • How students can become effective bloggers to position themselves for greatness after graduation
  • Real life examples of people that have had success from their blog
Download it here!

So stop thinking about it and take some action! 2009 will be a very interesting year indeed, but the power you take into your own life will have many reflections on how it pans out for you!

Happy hunting Tampa!

-Greg Rollett
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The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - February 2-8, 2009
The Employment Guide Atlanta Edition - February 2-8, 2009
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Click on the image below to view a copy of this week's edition of The Employment Guide in Portland.

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Fox Charlotte is doing a unique contest called the 30-second job pitch. For those of you who have had a hard time landing a job, this might be a great opportunity for you. Fox is taking contact information and will bring in selected people to give a 30-second pitch to employers in the viewing audience.

Read more details on the Fox Charlotte 30-Second Job Pitch

Even if you decide not to enter the contest or don't make the cut, knowing how to describe who you are and what you are looking for is still a good skill to learn.

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