Luck of the Irish
by: Kerri Hoffman
17. March 2011 | Show Originial

When it comes to luck, some people just seem to have it all. Your friend (who you didn't even know was looking for work) lands this great job. Meanwhile, you have been job hunting for weeks now. As frustrated as you might get, some people just have all the good fortune… until now. When it comes to job hunting everyone can have the Irish on their side with these 3 tips:


1. Always network. Network even when you are not currently looking for employment. You never know whom you will meet or when you will be seeking new employment. So when you are in social gatherings make sure to be leaving the best impressions and creating real contacts.


2. Be prepared. Have a working cover letter and resume that can easily be tweaked to a particular position. Also, if you have an account on a job board site, double check that you have all of your necessary information filled out and a general resume posted. These things will shorten the time it takes to apply and will the keep your momentum up during your search. 


3. Trust yourself. Confidence is key and also doubles as a magnet for luck! When searching for employment it is crucial to believe in yourself and the skills that you bring to the table. This certainty will make you fearless during the interview process.


We wish you luck in finding your pot of gold at the end of your job hunt rainbow –and when you do tell us about it on our Facebook Wall. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Detroit - Spring Job Fair 2011
by: Brandon Lawson
02. March 2011 | Show Originial

As a part of our “I am Able” job fair series, will be hosting a job fair in Detroit, MI on April 6, 2011. This event will be at the Burton Manor in Livonia, MI. Job seekers of all ages are welcomed and the event is free of admission.

Over 300 hiring employers attended our job fairs last year and we are hoping for similar results in 2011. We strongly recommend that you pre-register to this event to save yourself some time at the door. Since first impressions are vital, we also recommend that you dress to impress and bring plenty copies of your resume.

We would also like to encourage you to check our page often, since we will be updating our site with important information about the job fair as it comes along. You can also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook so you can get quick updates from there as well.  Be sure to check out our latest blog for great job fair tips. We look forward to seeing you there!


01. March 2011 | Show Originial

Job fairs are great places to network, learn about companies and possibly land a job.  If you plan on attending a job fairs, we want to help you make the best of your experience. Be sure to take the following steps before, during and after you attend a job fair.


1. Pre-register - Your first step should be to go online to pre-register for the event. Pre-registering and bringing your confirmation page with you saves you time at the door. If you forget to bring your confirmation page or just forget to pre-register, we recommend that you attend the event early, so you do not end up in a long line.

2. Research - In most cases, companies that host a job fair will list the employers that will be in attendance and possibly some of the positions that they are hiring for. You should take advantage of this by looking up these companies online and reviewing the descriptions of the positions they're offering. This gives you time to think of how you are going to sell yourself as the top candidate for these positions.

3. Rehearse -
Make sure that you rehearse some of the more commonly asked interview questions. Rehearsing is essential, especially for those who can't talk about their work history experience fluidly. Knowing how to answer the employers' questions effectively improves your chances of leaving a lasting impression in their minds.

4. Bring 
Résumés - You should bring plenty copies of your résumé for distribution to prospective employers. If you are attending a big job fair, it is recommended that you bring 25-40 copies. If you did research on attending employers and the positions that they are offering, you will have a better idea of how many copies that you'll really need.

5. Engage with Employers -
Remember that each encounter is equivalent to a first round interview. These meetings are less formal but may be very vital in netting a job. These talks should be short because there re often long line of anxious job seekers waiting for their turns with the employers. Make sure that you take notes on these conversations. If you land a follow-up interview with the recruiter that you talked with previously, notes will help you be consistent with what you told them before.

6. Follow-ups -
As the conversation winds down, make sure you ask for a business card. You can either follow up with a letter or a phone call 24-48 hours later. This lets the recruiter know that you're genuinely interested. The lasting impression you make may be enough to get you an invited for a follow-up interview.


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