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7 Benefits of Social Media of Recruitment

Improve your brand’s candidate pool Anyone familiar with the internet knows that it is constantly evolving. While futurists are progressing towards web 3.0 concepts, many businesses are just beginning to grasp the value of web 2.0. By allowing more channels

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5 Best States for Employment In 2010

While relocation may not be a likely solution to finding jobs for all, some prospective job seekers in select industries may have far better opportunities finding work in different areas of the country. Acknowledging States around the country that cater

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6 Common Resume Mistakes

Spring is the best time of year to begin tuning up your resume before your next opportunity presents itself. Here are 6 common issues with resumes that get overlooked: 1. Unfocused Content – A resume should highlight your employment history

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5 Ineffective Networking Strategies

Today’s job seeking professionals need to be able to recognize the right and the wrong techniques associated with networking. Making the most of your professional network is a critical aspect to finding a job in today’s economy. To prepare for

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4 Introductory Social Media Tactics for Recruitment

It is important that a strategy needs to be developed and set in place so that social media recruitment can be effective and eventually refined. Four quick introductory tactics are listed below to help your get started: Transparency – Present

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6 Tips for a Good Resume

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start preparing your resume to apply for job opportunities. While many careers may call for specific resume formatting (teachers, engineers, etc.), there are general aspects of resume building that can

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6 Tips for Finding New Job Success

Want to make excellent first impressions? Here’s how. Having goals lined up before you start your new job is a great way to prepare yourself for success. Here are 6 quick tips that will get you started in the right

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A Word from HIM…

As a 10 year resident of Southwest Florida, I can now profess, Florida has succumbed to enough hurricanes during the last two seasons to last me a lifetime. Instead of complaining about our individual hardships during the recuperation period, let’s

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Accepting a Job Offer: What to Prioritize?

5 Points for evaluating your new job offer So you have made it past several interviews, took a tour of the office, spoke with several employees of the company, and an employment offer was presented. What’s your next step? Many

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Apply to jobs online

Just because you are applying online, it doesn’t mean that your cover letter should be any less formal than if you were preparing a print copy. The method of delivery may be different, but the importance of the message is

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