How to Deal with Job Search Rejection

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Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket. Keep applying to jobs so you have other opportunities in the pipeline. Rejection isn’t as bitter when you have other options. It’s Not Personal. The company is making a business decision, it

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How to Handle a Negative Coworker

Listen and try to understand where they are coming from. Determine the source of the negativity. Are they going through a hard time in their personal life or are they stressed about work? Make helpful suggestions, many times people complain

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5 Things You Should Always Do Before a Job Interview

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Start Googling: Make sure you have done your research on the company and on the position. Take a look at any recent press releases or parooze their website. If it’s a sales interview make sure you have some knowledge about

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How to Use Humor in a Job Interview

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Be genuine, don’t force joke or humor if it’s not there. Be aware of who you are talking to and gage if this is the correct audience for a funny story. Make sure it’s relevant, don’t derail a good conversation

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How To Compromise Even If You Are CONVINCED You Are Right

Think back….was there ever a time when you thought you were absolutely right but in hindsight there could have been a better way? No…well think harder! Compromise and listening to others ideas is enlightening Listen to other, everyone communicates differently.

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5 Things to Keep You Going During Your Job Search

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Support: A job search can be stressful and full of ups and downs, make sure you have family and or friends that will support you. When searching for a job you really put yourself out there and there is usually

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5 Traits of Great Leaders:

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Communication: To be a great leader you have to have the ability to communicate effectively. Communication is not only speaking but listening to others as well. Positive Attitude: Ever known a great leader that was a downer? All great leaders

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How to Stay Motivated on Friday

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Stay Excited. I’m excited it’s Friday, you’re excited it’s Friday. Use that energy to get things done. Focus. Focus on one task and finish it. Everyone gets a little more energy when they can check something off his/her to-do list.

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Not Feeling the Love from Recruiters? 5 ways to Spruce Up Your Resume

Organize. Recruiters spend about 15-30 seconds reading resumes, use bold and italics to highlight important parts of your resume Action Words. Use action verbs to describe what you achieved at previous jobs or school Keep It To The Point: Remove

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How to Make a Good Impression on your First Day of Work

How to Make a Good Impression on your First Day of Work Be On Time! Start off on the right foot and get noticed by being on time for your first day. Come Prepared. Bring two forms of identification for

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