3 Challenges You Will Face When Starting a New Job

  1. Information Overload: There is a very steep learning curve when starting a new job, you need to learn the names of your coworkers, the new systems you will be using, and even where the printer and bathroom are. Be prepared to feel a bit out of place for the first week or so.
  2. Learning The Dynamics of Your New Team: Not only do you need to learn everyone’s name and what they are responsible for but you also need to be intune to the team dynamic and find your place within the team. Be outgoing and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your new teammates!
  3. Busy Work: When you first start a job there will be a lot of busy work, getting accounts set up, filling out HR paperwork. You will also get some of the busy work that others on your team will pass off to you.

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