4 Introductory Social Media Tactics for Recruitment

It is important that a strategy needs to be developed and set in place so that social media recruitment can be effective and eventually refined. Four quick introductory tactics are listed below to help your get started:

Transparency – Present your company’s brand consistently as possible across social networks. New hires should not feel as if their employer was misrepresented online. Keep things as accurate as possible so job seekers will not feel slighted.

Mix – Use the web along with your current method for background checks to find quality applicants. Build relationships within social networking communities to identify your target audience. Associating with the people rather than apart from the people is the best method.

Pace – Social media is fast and qualified job seekers operate quickly. Don’t be the slow component of the process. Your blog site or page should be extremely efficient and rich with content to facilitate the pace of communication.

Experience – Social media is about interaction. The content should be inviting and engaging whether on a blog, Facebook, or within the 140 character limit of Twitter.

Even though there are very little costs associated with social media recruiting, businesses and organizations are still slowly examining these new ways of recruiting. Although traditional interaction may be limited, the potential job candidates can now be accessed in ways unavailable in the past with the possibility for tremendous benefits.

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