5 Ineffective Networking Strategies

Today’s job seeking professionals need to be able to recognize the right and the wrong techniques associated with networking. Making the most of your professional network is a critical aspect to finding a job in today’s economy. To prepare for the job seeking process review these new tips on how NOT to network below:

  • Not keeping in touch with contacts – Following up is important. After you’ve made connections with other professionals show your interest in staying connected. Make notes to keep yourself up to date each time you talk. For example, if you just met someone sending them a quick email to follow up on a conversation would be appropriate.
  • Useless Online Persona – Your profile online should be controlled to give a positive reflection. Inappropriate links and comments online will not help out your networking ambitions. Keep your profiles consistent across different social media accounts to keep your brand representation accurate!
  • Making an Insignificant Impression – A memorable experience will speak volumes. Communicate in a way that evokes emotion; know your abilities and market yourself with those in mind.
  • The True Meaning – A frequently used word in the business world, many times professionals look at networking as a way to sell themselves or add to their business card collection. Get to know people instead. Use common interests to develop and maintain a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Volunteer your help if possible.
  • Don’t Talk, Pay Attention – Focus in on the people that you meet by listening to what they say and actually remembering. A positive and upbeat attitude will speak for your personality type and allow for others to feel comfortable. Don’t do all of the talking.

Being aware of these ineffective networking strategies may provide an edge over the competition! In addition to LinkedIn, there are many niche professional sites. For healthcare professionals, HealthCareerWeb.com includes a Healthcare Professional Network. Find one in your industry and get connected!

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