5 Ways Job Seekers Psyche Themselves Out

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The thoughts, actions and projections you meditate on can shape your reality. You have the power to infuse your day with much-needed energy, or surrender to mentalities that do not support your goal of finding a job. Psychologists have asserted depression is anger turned inward. It is quite natural to experience anger, frustration and sadness during your job search, but holding onto these emotions can be damaging.

Take a moment to think about the habits you are incorporating into your job search and how they may undermine your efforts to secure employment. To help you assess whether you could benefit from an attitude adjustment, here are five ways job seekers psyche themselves out of a job:

1. They fall down and never get back up.
“My job search got the best of me.”

2. They compare themselves with others.
“No fair, I’ve been looking for 10 months!”

3. They give up due to distractions (such as laziness).
“Think I’ll skip out on the job search this week…what’s on Maury?”

4. They think certain jobs are beneath them.
“I’d rather not pay my bills, than work a job that doesn’t meet my standards.”

5. They apply for jobs that do not align with their skill set or education level, only to be left confused when they do not receive an invitation to interview.
“I had everything they were looking for…except the right degree.”

If you have engaged in any of these activities before, you’re not alone. Don’t abandon hope by continuously succumbing to counterproductive views or behaviors. Each day is filled with possibility, and your commitment to finding a job will eventually pay off. You may need to refocus your goals, change your strategy or dedicate more time to the process. Remember, it’s not where you start – it’s where you finish that counts.

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