5 Ways to Help your Work/Life Balance

  1. Have a conversation with Management: Explain to your manager your desire for a healthy work/life balance. Many employers value a happy employee and will work with you when trying to achieve a healthy work/life balance
  2. Be Efficient While at Work! Talking with co-workers is fun however when you are trying to leave on time or a bit early make sure to be efficient and complete all your work!
  3. Be on Time! Again, when trying to leave slightly early or on time be on time in the morning.
  4. Be Open to Working Odd Hours: If you are able to work from home, be open to working odd hours. Kids go to bed, try logging on for 20 min to catch up on emails or get a jump start on the next day
  5. Quality Time: Quality time doesn’t need to be at home, sing songs in the car or have a conversation with your children when commuting instead of listening to the radio.

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