6 Tips for a Good Resume

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start preparing your resume to apply for job opportunities. While many careers may call for specific resume formatting (teachers, engineers, etc.), there are general aspects of resume building that can be applied to every resume. Organization, keywords that describe your skills related to the position, and a resume that highlights your strengths will be allow for the best chance at gaining employment.

  1. Is your employment history relevant to your current professional goals? If so, does your resume reflect this?
  2. Does your resume accurately convey what you have to offer professionally?
  3. Are the right keywords used to describe your skills?
  4. Is your cover letter attached to your resume, error free?
  5. Does your resume organize information the best way possible so that it is visually acceptable?
  6. Have you put your best foot forward?

It is important to take your time as your resume is an extension of your work. Be thorough and precise. Once you have completed your resume, don’t forget to post in on multiple job boards. EmploymentGuide.com is great for those looking for entry level jobs. Others include CareerBuilder.com, Monster.com, and HotJobs.com.

Take the appropriate steps to prepare yourself to enter the job market using. Gain control of your future today!

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