Accepting a Job Offer: What to Prioritize?

5 Points for evaluating your new job offer

So you have made it past several interviews, took a tour of the office, spoke with several employees of the company, and an employment offer was presented. What’s your next step? Many job seekers jump at the first offer made without taking into consideration what’s being offered. These 5 points focus in on essential aspects of a new job offer:

Understanding the Scope of the Position: Have a clear understanding for what is expected. Also, the roles and responsibilities should be within the reach of your skill set. The capable image portrayed in the interview will need to be backed up by your performance.

Opportunities for professional growth: Many companies tend to promote from within before hiring new professionals outside of the organization. Paths to promotion, professional workshops, and conferences will create more opportunities later in your career. What can your company offer for your personal development?

Company Culture: Have a good grasp for the culture of the company. Company culture is the defined as the experiences, beliefs, values, attitudes, and the psychology of an organization. These aspects are shared by each employee and as a job seeker you must also identify somewhat with these values.

Your Benefits Package: Benefits are very important. The amount of vacation or sick time off, general health coverage, dental insurance, vision/eye care, medical insurance, and the amount holidays are all important and need to be reviewed thoroughly. Some company’s may not provide salary negotiation but will opt to find a middle ground with their benefits package. Other aspects that may be of importance such as parking, commuting cost, and expense reimbursements may have a direct affect on jobs that require commuting or traveling.

Geographical Concerns: A new position may require you to face obstacles that you may not have taken into consideration. A longer daily commute, travel responsibilities, and even different types of weather conditions if you may be relocating.

It is important to have a clear understanding of the commitment you are making. Be sure that you accept the job that is right for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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