Are you Sabotaging Your Job Search?

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Sometimes job seekers unintentionally give employers reasons to not hire them. How? Self-sabotage!

According to a recent Kiplinger article, there are seven major mistakes that jobseekers often make in their quest for employment that can actually cause it to take longer for them to find a job. They are:

  1. Talking too much

  2. Not knowing your market value

  3. Keeping your network in the dark

  4. Showing up unprepared

  5. Losing focus during an interview

  6. Not being accountable

  7. Jumping the gun on a job offer

Although “jumping the gun on a job offer” is a nice problem to have, of these cardinal job seeker sins, I find the most damaging to be showing up unprepared. While talking too much can convey the impression that you are supremely eager to work for the company, not having done your homework does the exact opposite.

Think about it. The number one goal of a hiring manager is to find the best fit for the position. How can you convince them that it’s you if you can’t even recall the job duties of the position or recite examples of commonalities within the company culture that you identify with?

If you really want to work for the company, the first thing you need to do is show that they are your number one priority. You can do this by reading news articles about the company, talking to current employees, researching the industry, or finding ways to apply your experience or field of expertise to the company’s future goals.

For example, if the company is trying to streamline its processes, mention your familiarity with digitizing paperwork. Or if the company is recovering from a PR snafu, don’t forget to let the hiring manager know about the internship you did as a requirement for your degree in communications.

Basically, be the person they want to hire. Don’t fib or over-embellish, but try to alleviate any doubt in the interviewer’s mind about your sincerity and dedication. Now go get hired!

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