Benefits of working in a casino

If you love the magic of flipping cards, being surrounded by games of chance, breathing the fragrance of instant wealth and of course, the excitement of casino floors, then a casino job is definitely a great job opportunity for you.

If you work as a dealer in a casino, you not only have access to thousands of games and the potential of earning a small fortune, you can also use your skills to increase the chances of a payoff just by playing smarter.

Whether you work as a dealer or in as any other customer support staff in the casino, what you benefit most from are tokes. Tokes are the chips, wagers and cash tips that customers leave you everyday, and form an important part of your income. You can earn anywhere between $100-$300 per day as a dealer at the best casinos in town.

Standard benefits packages

You can also earn an average of $75 in tokes in smaller casinos on busy days. If you calculate this on a yearly basis, and add it to your employee’s hourly wages, you can realize how much you stand to earn through this casino job.

Besides all this, as a casino employee, you receive standard benefits packages including medical, vision and dental coverage. In addition to this, if you work for six to twelve months a year in the casino, you stand to gain a 401(k) pension plan.

If you manage to get a job in a large casino with a restaurant, you also benefit with free meals when on duty. Many casinos also give their employees a paid vacation once they accrue a certain amount of hours.

Make use of the education assistance program

Besides all these benefits, some casinos, especially those in Atlantic City offer an education assistance program. According to this program, if you are a full time employee of the casino, you will be offered educational assistance to pursue any course you want.

Some casinos also provide full reimbursement for tuition fees for courses that have some relation to the current casino job you are holding, or if it will provide you with a means of potential growth in the company. These educational benefits mean a savings of thousands of dollars to get a degree.

Chance of finding better pastures

Then there is the unseen benefit of making acquaintance amongst the many customers who frequent the casino. You never know, there may be a potential employer amongst them looking out for fresh and experienced people in their respective companies.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with pursuing a casino career. It is however up to you to decide if you want to pursue a casino job or not. Some people may not make this job the job for their lifetime; they work in a casino for a few years to earn a considerable amount of money, and move on to some other better job that comes their way. It is up to you to decide.



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