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How to Stay Motivated on Friday

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Stay Excited. I’m excited it’s Friday, you’re excited it’s Friday. Use that energy to get things done. Focus. Focus on one task and finish it. Everyone gets a little more energy when they can check something off his/her to-do list.

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Not Feeling the Love from Recruiters? 5 ways to Spruce Up Your Resume

Organize. Recruiters spend about 15-30 seconds reading resumes, use bold and italics to highlight important parts of your resume Action Words. Use action verbs to describe what you achieved at previous jobs or school Keep It To The Point: Remove

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5 Benefits of Working for a Small Business

Broaden your Skill Set: Oftentimes in a small business, one person manages multiple part of the business. You can broaden your skills set and be exposed many components of the business. Less RED Tape: Changes tend to be implemented more

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How To Get Promoted : 9 Obvious and Often Not Practiced Tips

It would be safe to say that you would have probably entertained the question of how to get promoted even before you graduated or left school. In my chats with juniors from my industry, I am often asked this question which I

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The Advantages You Get From an Entry Level Job

Most people often look only at the dark side of entry levels. They are perceived as low paid jobs, where your skills are underestimated. Yet, there are also good things which may point you to the bright side of entry

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How Can You Tell If You Have Had a Good Job Interview?

Job Interviews are often a really nerve-racking experience that regardless of how much job interview preparation you do, sometimes they do not work out. It is crucial to recognize that an interview has not gone well for a couple of

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Forklift Training Edmonton

Safety Principles Every Forklift Operator in Edmonton Must Know Every year there are multiple accidents in the workplace that involve the use of a forklift. Without proper training, forklifts can be hazardous to operators or personnel that work around them,

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5 Effective Work Habits For Fresh Graduates

Discover the 5 most effective work habits for freshies starting out in the working world. Being new in the working world, I am sure you are eager to show off your newfound skills and knowledge. However, out there in the

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Top Five Habits for Career Success at Entry Level

Discover the most important and basic habits for career success. I am blessed to have some of the best bosses coach me when I first entered the working world. They passed to me what seemed like, at that time –

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Personal Pluses That Ace A Job Interview

By: Joel Vance As the business world has become more competitive for the shrinking markets available to them, companies have shifted their focus from hiring the most educated or experienced graduate, to hiring those employees with personal pluses as well

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