Consider a Job in the Automotive Industry

Looking for a job can be discouraging especially if you feel you are stuck a particular industry that has you tied to a computer and phone all day. Perhaps a change in what you do will provide the satisfaction of working with your hands and accomplishing things on a daily basis. Each of us has considered making a pivot in our job direction and the automotive industry might be one to consider. Here are a few job paths with entry-level opportunities worth looking into:

Oil Change & Lube Shops
Every car needs it’s oil changes every 3,000+ miles. As a result, this recession proof industry is always hiring oil change technicians. Changing the oil in a car or truck is a fairly simple task and most Oil & Lube shops will train people to fill their open positions. There are career opportunities to move into a management role or even in time learn how to open your own shop and become an owner.

Tire Service & Sales Shops
Every car has at least four tires that need to be rotated annually or replaced every few years. This creates a huge demand for tire shops around the country to constantly replace and repair tires. People go to tire shops to buy cheap tires or install a variety of specialized tread for their vehicles. Since these shops perform multiple services there a number of entry level jobs to obtain. Installers, oil change technicians, and customer service jobs are all potential opportunities for you. Training is often provided for the entry-level positions and management opportunities exist for employees who do are courteous and professional with their work. You may even get a discount on Cooper tires for your car as an employee perk.

Automotive Dealership
Working at a dealership is more than just sales. Every dealer needs people to fill multiple roles including: customer service, lot technicians, parts department service, and of course automobile sales. If you are looking for a position that offers unlimited performance based pay and you possess the ability to engage well with people then sales may be a good fit for you. If you prefer a less competitive job, then customer service or working in the parts department may be a better fit. Dealerships are always hiring for a verity of entry-level positions and provide training for many of their open jobs.

Have you had a good experience working in the automotive industry? Share it with everyone in the comments below.

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