Dressing for Interview Success

One skill that every professional should be comfortable with is dressing for an interview. It is important to present yourself in a manner that would reflect a business attitude and convey that you can get the job done.

Below I will cover some of the basic aspects for dressing for interview success for both men and women, but for starters there are certain grooming techniques that both women and men should adhere to when starting the job seeking process. Hygiene is important so clean nails and a well groomed hairstyle will put forth the best image. Women should go for a long-sleeved shirt or blouse in white or a pastel color. Men should wear a white long sleeved collared shirt. Shoes should be clean and polished, coordinating with the rest of the outfit. Make sure to keep your pockets free of anything that will bulge or jingle. Stay away from gum, candy, or cigarettes before the interview and remember to bring a couple copies of your resume within a small portfolio. There should also be no visible body piercings or tattoos, but you know better to go to an interview with a facial piercing and an exposed sleeve of tattoos, right?

5 Attire Basics for Men

  • Men should use only one spray of cologne or aftershave that is not heavy
  • Wear a power tie – that is a red, solid tie or one with a conservative pattern
  • Dark lace up shoes and dark socks but make sure they are polished & clean
  • A clean shave, trimmed mustache, no beards or excessive facial hair
  • Do wear a belt that matches your shoes
5 Attire Basics for Women
  • Women should wear a solid colored suit with a jacket and a skirt or slacks
  • Leave the six inch heels for another occasion
  • Carry a small briefcase or portfolio rather than that designer purse or hand bag
  • Do not overuse perfume, regardless of how good you think it smells
  • Light makeup – don’t over do it to point of caricature

In addition, many of these same principles can also be used when attending job fairs as career fairs can also be seen as 1st interviews. Now that your attire is up to par, don’t wait to find your exciting new career. Get started today by attending a job fair or start your job search!

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