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Safety Principles Every Forklift Operator in Edmonton Must Know

Every year there are multiple accidents in the workplace that involve the use of a forklift. Without proper training, forklifts can be hazardous to operators or personnel that work around them, which is why only qualified employees should operate them.

Forklift training will provide the knowledge and skills required to properly operate this type of trucks and manipulate the necessary equipment. In this training, workers learn safe operating techniques, such as, keeping a safe work environment, securing machinery and equipment and the execution of an action plan designed for emergencies that may arise during the workday.

Testing Knowledge

Being in possession of an Alberta forklift certification is required to become a forklift operator. When the theoretical and practical training is finished, the applicants should complete a test that validates their knowledge to work with forklifts safely. If they do, they’ll receive a certificate, proving their training and skills acquired. It’s suggested to retake the training every three years and it should be reflected on the certificate.

Safety Principles to keep in mind

Operators should follow these basic guidelines to guarantee their safety and the safety of others, in order to minimize accidents or injuries in the workplace.

Appropriate workwear: Operators must wear suitable safety-workwear at all times. These workwear frequently consists of a hard hat, hi-visibility jackets and safety shoes; it needs to be fitted to reduce the risk of clothing getting stuck in the machinery.

Equipment inspection: A routine verification of the equipment should be done before operating a forklift, for example: checking the brakes, controls, steering and warning devices.

Be aware of your surrounding: Forklifts must be operated only in designated roadways. It’s important to pay attention to the signs and the height of the load when entering or exiting buildings, and most importantly, operators must be very careful when operating at edges, doorways or any area that has limited visibility.

Speed Limit: Never exceed the speed limit. Make turns slowly and carefully.

Evade Hazards: Stay away from slippery conditions or irregular ground surfaces.

To operate lift trucks, workers must receive appropriate forklift training in Edmonton to comply with regulatory requirements in Alberta. Besides the compliance requirements, this training can also help the operators to decrease the time spent operating the forklifts, thus, increasing productivity and the useful life of the machinery.

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