How to pass the interview

The prospect of an interview worries most people, and it’s hard to be at your best when you’re nervous. But it’s a great confidence boost when an employer thinks you’re interesting and talented enough to be invited for interview. Now they want to see for themselves how you match up to the promise your application showed.

But it’s not just about them — an interview also gives you the chance to find out if the job and employer live up to your expectations and hopes for the future. Interview Preparation Don’t just turn up at an interview — prepare for it. This will increase your confidence and show the interviewers that you’re well motivated and positive. Seven Pre-interview Essentials – Confirm you’ll be attending. Ring them up and use it as an opportunity to check practical arrangements like parking or directions for how to get there. – Find out what the interview will be like. You can do this when you call to confirm find out who’ll be interviewing you and whether there’ll be any additional tests or exercises as part of the interview. – Look at your application again. Pick out points interviewers are likely to want to talk about. Think about how you’ll deal with any weaknesses or gaps in qualifications or experience. Try to have solutions to offer, for example, showing that you’ve enrolled on a course that would give you what you’re missing. – Do more research. The research you did for your application will stand you in good stead now. Revisit the same resources and check for new developments. Be aware of any current news stories that affect this employment sector and have an opinion on them. – Anticipate questions you’re likely to be asked. Most are predictable. Fix in your mind the points you want to cover, but what you actually say should be influenced by the type of people you’re talking to and the clues you pick up from them. – Plan what to wear.  Check it fits comfortably and there are no buttons missing or hems flapping. If you know you look good, you’ll feel more confident. Clean, smart and simple is best, whatever the job.  You need to look like you’ve made an effort, even if the actual job entails wearing oily overalls. – Make sure you know where you’re going, how long you need to allow getting there and what the parking arrangements are. If you park on an employer’s premises, re-member your car says a lot about you so at least make sure it’s clean.



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