Lack of Commuting Options Sabotaging Your Job Search – Get Help, Fast!

Job seekers – have you been choosing which jobs to apply for based on whether you think you can get there? Does transportation stand in your way of getting back to work?

There are many local organizations who provide a wide range of ride-sharing services and options for alternative commuting to job seekers. Many programs offer toll free phone number for information and referrals, telecommuting resources, vanpool/carpool rider matching, transit/biking/walking resources and park and ride lot maps.

These organizations have been very busy building awareness of their programs at local and regional job fairs, where they have the opportunity to share commute options with both job seekers and employers. At a recent job fair, one young man told how he had declined 3 job offers because none had included parking. A woman who was looking for a career change shared that she had limited the geographic focus of her job search because she did not want to drive into the city. She was happy to learn about transit options and said that now she would be able to broaden her search.

Many of the commuters contact these programs initially because they are looking for ways to save money, but then find that the alternative commute is helping them save time as well. Sharing the drive to work not only helps cut commute costs, but can mean a shorter ride to work by traveling in HOV lanes or in buses (on the bus lanes) during peak commuting hours – saving you time as well as money.

A strong and effective ridesharing program can benefit our communities as well in many ways, such as:
– Reducing traffic congestion and road wear
– Promoting healthier lifestyles and less stressful commutes
– Contributing to workforce flexibility
– Lowering auto emissions
– Reducing demand on parking resources

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