Relocating? Tips for Finding a Job in a New City

Finding a job in another city or state can be a bit complicated. Here are a couple tips to landing a job in another city:

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  1. Start Early: Start your job search early, finding a job and moving to another city will take time. Give yourself plenty of time to find and job and move.
  2. Get A Local Address: Some employers may immediately dismiss a candidate that is not in the area because the logistics can be complicated. Use the address of a friend or family member in that area to use on your resume. (Make sure you get their OK first)
  3. Don’t Count On A Package: Don’t count on an employer helping out with relocation costs, moving is costly and many employers do not entertain relocation packages.
  4. Explain Why: When you get that first interview, don’t shy away from the fact you are relocating however be clear about your reasons for moving. This will give the employer confidence that you are going to relocate and you are not simply “trying” a new city.  
  5. Be Willing To Travel: Many employers want to meet a potential employee face to face before offering the position. Be willing to travel to the city you plan to live in for a face to face interview.
  6. Part Time or Temp: it’s easier to find a job when you live local, consider moving and taking a part time job or temping while you search for a full time job.

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