The Resume Checklist for the Older Job Seeker

Resume Checklist for Older Job Seeker

A lot of older job seekers wonder whether their age is a disadvantage in this job market. The answer is yes and no. Unfortunately, employers may choose to pass on an older worker for a number of reasons. For example, hiring managers may feel that seasoned candidates are more expensive and less in touch with modern technology.
To mitigate some of these perceptions, you need to bring some youth into your resume. To help you make some of these changes, I made a checklist of things you should look out for:

1. How much of your experience do you have listed? You’ll be showing your age if you have more than 15 years worth of experience on your resume. If the skills you’ve acquired during your most recent jobs are relevant to the job that you’re applying for, list it without indicating a year that those skills were gained.

2. Are you listing dates too often? Years are an ultimate indication of age. If you list all of your experience with the years attached to them, employers will be able to approximate your age, which may scare them away. I would recommend not listing dates at all.

3. Is your resume specific? You’ve probably acquired many skills at places you’ve worked over the years. Use these to your advantage by highlighting the skills that are relevant to the job that you’re applying for. This works best if you turn your resume into a functional resume.

4. Are you tech-savvy? Emphasize the fact that you’re up to date with the nuances of modern technology. If you have a LinkedIn account, make sure that it is updated and that you provide a link to your profile on your resume. I advise that you customize that URL to shorten the link and make it easier to memorize. You should also make sure that you are capable of emailing your resume because many employers request digital copies these days.

What challenges have you encountered as an older job seeker? We want to hear about your experiences. Share your story in our comments section!
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