Why Employers Aren’t Calling You Back


Wondering why employers aren’t calling you back? Check out these possible reasons why:

  1.  Your resume has mistakes. Your resume will most likely be an employer’s first impression of you so it’s important that you showcase your professionalism and attention to detail. Typos and spelling errors can instantly deter an employer from wanting to know more about you. Have someone proofread for format and content issues you may have missed. A polished resume, plus the right skills and background, should encourage a call back.
  2. You’re not highlighting the right skills on your resume. A good way to ensure your application receives a second look is to include key words that are used in the job description you’re applying for. Tailor your application to each specific position as well as including a technical summary in your resume that clearly outlines your skills, degrees, and certifications.
  3. You have extended periods of unemployment history. Have you ever heard someone say “It’s easier to find a job when you already have a job”? It’s no secret that employers like to hire people who are already employed, even when sometime being unemployed is unavoidable. When this is the case, make the most of this time by volunteering, taking classes, or finding part-time work. Continue to get exposure to new professional experiences.
  4. You have inconsistencies in your job history.  In today’s world, everyone has an online presence. Employers may check your online media during the recruiting process and if there are any discrepancies between the resume you submitted and your work experience online, like on your LinkedIn profile, this could raise red flags and your candidacy could be dismissed. Be sure all of your profiles are up-to-date
  5. The employer just isn’t interested. Or maybe they are and they just haven’t read over your application yet.

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