Why Print Advertising STILL Works

Why Print Advertising STILL Works
    1. Print Never Lies: There is something about a tangible newspaper that conveys trust. In the digital age internet ads and pop up and get taken down in a split second and viruses lurk just a click away. A print ad does not disappear instantaneously and there is no risk of a virus infecting your computer, many people will hold on to the newspaper for a week or two.
    2. Bulls Eye: Placing print ads in a specialized newspaper, such as the Employment Guide, can effectively reach your target audience.
    3. Make It Memorable: The internet is plastered with ads, print can give you the competitive advantage against your competitors because print tends to be more memorable to the consumer.
    4. Living in the Stone Age: Believe it or not, there are some people who do not use the internet, use print publications to reach a different audience.
    5. Better Together: A successful marketing campaign uses multiple mediums, using both print and digital marketing can produce higher customer conversion rates.
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