Wiser Workers: Overcoming the Misconceptions

Improve your job seeking techniques in 4 steps

Job seekers around the country — whether you are a teenager looking for summer employment, a recent college graduate, or a mid level professional looking to change fields — all face challenges in today’s economy. Representing a significant portion in 2010’s potential job candidates, older professionals face another obstacle the aforementioned individuals do not; age. There are many misconceptions associated with a more experienced professional looking for employment. Here several ways to change those negative perceptions and improve your confidence by upgrading your resume to emphasize your strengths.

Goals: Having defined and reachable goals for the long term and short term will guide you through the transition process. Stay very optimistic and follow through with all opportunities that you deem worthy. An opportunity for employment may present itself when you least expect it. The interview process may seem new but maintain confidence in your skills to stay refreshed.

Resume: As a mature job seeker catering your resume to emphasize your strengths is very important. Remove the dates from your resume and focus on the most recent skills and experience that relate directly to the career opportunity you are applying for. Center in on projects you have managed and their results while keeping your resume under two pages. Many companies prefer professionals that are computer savvy. If you aren’t, have someone who is bring you up to speed with the Internet and newer software suites related to your field. This may take some time, but you’d be surprised at the amount of helpful information you can find online that will update your professional skills.

Job Search: There are a variety of ways to approach your job search. Traditional newspapers and publications used to be the primary method. Nowadays, there are online job boards catered specifically to the older worker. WiserWorker.com not only provides listing for job seekers over 50 years old, but valuable resources.

With the job market today the best way to go about landing a job opportunity is networking. As a wiser worker you have an advantage because of your lengthier work history. You have established connections with past co-workers, clients, and supervisors. Contacting those individuals that are familiar with your skills and experience can lead you in the right direction. Professional organizations may also provide the proper events for networking that will land you an opportunity. Get involved.

Alternatives: Of course there are other methods to obtain employment. College graduates may even find that their career services center will provide lifelong assistance. Changing fields might give you more options for employment, so remember to also broaden your job search. Good luck!

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